Best 6 Computer Speakers of 2014

Having quality speakers while using cam sites is important. If you can’t understand what the people you meet online are saying, you might as well not even go on the internet. Using quality speakers will enhance your experience on video chat sites and they will even make it possible to listen to music in high quality while browsing through cam or while putting on a show. Below are the best 6 computer speakers of 2014.

Cyber Acoustics Subwoofer Satellite System


These speakers are simply amazing. They have tons of perks such as being able to plug an MP3 player directly into the desktop pod, which can also be used for controlling the volume. With a 5.25 inch wood cabinet subwoofer, these speakers pack a lot of punch. The wonderful thing about the dual satellite speakers is that they are magnetically protected in order to prevent issues when placed next to other electronics. These speakers are priced at around $50.

Logitech Speaker System Z623


If you’re looking for a television sound system quality for your computer, you’ll love these speakers by Logitech. Although they are quite heavy at 20 pounds, the fact that they are THX-certified makes you forget about their weight. Several inputs makes it possible for you to plug up to three devices simultaneously including a computer, DVD player, gaming consoles, iPods and more.

Creative D100 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker



Want to go wireless? If so, then you’ll fall in love with this speaker from Creative. You’ll easily be able to plug this Bluetooth enabled speaker into any other Bluetooth enabled device such as your computer, smartphone, tablets and more. To make things even better, this works perfectly up to a 33 feet away. This speaker weighs only 2 pounds, it can last up to 25 hours with four AA batteries and comes in a variety of colors!

Logitech S150 USB Speakers with Digital Sound


If all you need is a basic pair of quality speakers, you’ll love these USB Logitech speakers. With a low price of only $20, you’ll definitely be impressed by the sound quality. These low-budget speakers pack a lot of audio quality with acoustic qualities in a digital sound.

Harman Kardon Soundsticks III 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System with Subwoofer


If you want speakers that are out of this world, you’ll absolutely need these speakers by Harmon Kardon. With a really unique design that will captive the attention of all your friends and family members, these speakers don’t compromise by a loss of quality. A 20-watt amplifier powers the awesome subwoofer standing at 6 inches tall. Although these speakers are slightly expensive at $165, they come with a 1-year warranty.

ARCTIC S111 USB Portable Stereo Speakers


These “on-the-go” speakers will truly impress you. Weighing in at an astonishing 1 pound, these speakers were designed to bring outstanding sound quality to your tablet, notebook or MP3 player. Their small size and light weight gives you the ability to bring them everywhere and anywhere without experiencing grainy sound and at only $30, they’re a bargain!


Will OkHello Become the First Video Chat Service for Mobile Phones?

Ok folks, here’s some pretty big news that you may not even be aware about; video chat services are coming to mobile phones. Well in fact, the video chat service that we want to talk about is already arrived on mobile phones. OkHello is an app for smartphones that gives you the ability to randomly chat with strangers or you can also choose to talk with favourites such as your friends and family. We investigated to figure out who is behind this app and trust us when we say that you won’t believe your eyes when you see the names!

Shawn Fanning

shawn fanning

No other than Shawn Fanning ladies and gents! Don’t know who he is? He’s the infamous creator of Napster; the illegal peer to peer music sharing software that was developed over a decade ago. Napster was shut down, but Fanning is back and he is bringing the best he can with this revolutionary mobile phone app.

Sean Parker

That’s right; Sean Parker! The co-creator of Facebook! Now that is something to be impressed about. Whether the app is good or terrible, many people will want to use it just because of the two big names that are behind it. Sean Parker is back to bring this app to a new look and to help users be able to communicate visually on the go.


OkHello is the next step in human evolution. That’s right; people have been dreaming of it for decades. To be able to see the person you’re talking with on a small screen that you can place in your pocket. With OkHello, we will be able to socialize with friends, family members and even complete strangers from anywhere in the world. It’s impressive to say the least and with two big names behind this app, it can’t be terrible.

OkHello started off in the App Store but has just recently been added to the Android Market. With millions of downloads already, this app is certainly being enjoy by tons of people. Although it has only been created a few months ago, it’s pretty safe to say that Sean and Shawn have hit the jackpot with this app. They haven’t officially told the press that they are behind this app. Nonetheless, they have left behind certain “clues” that show us that they are the duo behind OkHello.

Unlike Airtime, they haven’t spent much towards advertising this product. Airtime saw several hundreds of millions of dollars go flying into the trash, so they decided to take a simpler approach with this mobile phone. So far, everything seems to be working out perfectly!


Full Review of the New is a website that offers a live streaming random video chat experience with a social network integration. You randomly meet new people all around the world using your webcam or even chatting just by text. is very simple to use; just click on the category you want and your off. If you are getting bored of the person you are talking to, you just have to click next to switch to another user instantly. The odds of returning to a user you’ve already seen are next to nothing. This website is totally free and really easy to use, but you must be over 18 years of age to use it. offers three different sections you can go to: Chat roulette, Girl roulette and Gay roulette.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 11.11.30 AM

The first section is Chat roulette. In this section you can chat with a random user both male and female. They can come from anywhere around the world or from a specific country of your choose. You never know who you might encounter, so if you dislike the conversation in progress, it is as simple as clicking next to see a brand new person and start a brand new conversation. This way you can even build friendly relationships with people you enjoy talking to by adding them to Facebook or other similar websites or even by trading emails.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 11.11.38 AM

The second category of is all-girl roulette. If you are tired of the other chat roulette websites that features mostly men then you will be happy to try out this section. On Girl roulette you never end up with a guy on the other side; only pretty women ready to meet you and chat you up. It is perfect to see women from around the world. They have also created a useful page with many tips to help you get women. And again if you are not pleased with what you see you just have to press next. However for this section of you also have to be 18 and over and must be confirmed.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 11.11.50 AM

The third category is Gay roulette. On this section you can only see men. It is great for bisexuals, homosexuals and bi-curious men. Also, men who are gay but are uncomfortable with their sexual orientation can go to this section just to talk and see other men from without fearing anything. is completely confidential towards private information, so no one will find out. If you are not sure about your sexuality it could also help you find your way.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 11.11.55 AM

Finally, it also features a social network. You can use other social network websites such as Facebook, Twitter and interact with a couple of new friends you made on to make the experience even better.


Can Random Cam Sites Become Educational Tools?

Using cam sites is fun and exciting, but many people don’t even realize how useful they can become. It’s true, many cam sites can be used as educational tools. Obviously this doesn’t really include the adult only cam sites, but G rated cam sites can truly help you learn new things. With G rated cam sites like Chatrad for instance, you can meet people that will help you learn a lot about certain subjects. This makes it a fun environment to pass some time, socialize with strangers and still learn new things. Although cam sites cannot be declared as actual educational tools, you sure can learn a lot when using them.

How to Learn New Things with Cam Sites

The key to learning new things on cam sites is not having one thing in mind. If you say to yourself that you will use cam sites in hopes of finding someone that will teach you how to code html websites, you’ll most likely be disappointed. However, when you begin using cam sites without a specific goal in mind, you will normally find tons of people that can teach you new subjects.

When using sites like Chatrad or even Chatrandom, you’ll certainly meet tons of unique types of individuals. This gives you so much variety that you will eventually land on people that know things that you don’t. If you chat with people for long enough, they may take the time to teach you these subjects. For instance, if you view someone’s webcam and they happen to mention that they know how to play guitar, you may be lucky enough to get them to show you how to play a few notes.

The truth is, cam sites are limitless and you can learn virtually anything while using them. The only thing you have to remember is to stick around long enough to get others to teach you what they know.

Learning New Languages with Cam Sites


One of the most difficult things to do is learn a new language on your own. Going on cam sites like Chatrandom, which let you choose users from a specific country, can make it easier for you to learn a new language. Let’s say you want to learn how to speak Spanish; head on over to and select to view only users from Mexico or Spain. Chances are, many of these users will have a basic understanding of English and they will help you learn Spanish.

Cam sites are amoung the best places on the internet to learn new languages. Learning a new language is much easier when you socialize in that language. Immerging yourself by talking with others on cam in that language will allow you to develop proper accents and even proper pronunciation. Give it a try and you’ll be speaking a new language in no time!


Do You Want Your Own Cam Site? We’ll Show you How!

Haven’t you ever dreamed of owning your very own cam site? I know I sure have! Well if your dream is to add chat rooms to your existing website or even if you would like to add a random cam feature onto your website, I can show you how to do just that. Sure it may not be as exciting as owning, but it sure is a great way to attract more visitors to your existing website. Keep reading to figure out how to add a random cam feature or even a chat room with webcam capabilities onto your existing website.

How to Add a Random Cam Feature to Your Website

Have you ever tried It’s only the biggest random cam site on the internet! Well Chatrandom has over 50,000 users online at any given moment and they get roughly 20 million visitors per month. That makes them HUGE. If you want, you can have all of these users on your website as well.

Chatrandom shares their random cam feature’s code with the general public. You can take their code and add it directly onto your own website at no cost and without any obligations. When you add their code, you get to automatically share their pool of users. This means that everyone online at Chatrandom will be online on your own website as well. Simply put, if there are 47,569 people online at Chatrandom and somebody goes to your website and enters the random cam feature that you added with Chatrandom’s free code, that person will see that there are 47, 569 people online at your website as well.

It’s a wonderful way to attract thousands of new visitors to your website and best of all, it gets them hooked. Most people will end up spending hours on your website when you have addictive features like this one.

To get Chatrandom’s code, simply visit their Webmasters page here:

How to Add Chat Rooms to Your Website

InstaChatRooms is one of the largest chat rooms sites on the internet. It has every chat room you could possibly think of including chat rooms for parenting, support groups for addicts and even chat rooms for NFL fans. They also has a webmasters page that allows you to use their codes.

By copying the code of the chat room of your choice, you can simply paste the code on your website and get a cool new chat room directly on your site within minutes. This will allow you to share the pool of users just like with Chatrandom, yet you get a little more precision since you get to pick between hundreds of different available chat rooms.

If you want to add one of InstaChatRooms’ chat rooms to your website, check out their webmasters page here:


Free Live Cam Sites that will Blow your Mind!

Every now and again new cam sites make their appearance on the web. Most of them suck terribly; others have some basic features that one could appreciate while only a handful of these sites actually have potential. Then there are the rare sites that have everything that you could possibly want and then some more. Today I want to share some of the craziest, most intense, addictive cam sites on the internet. These cam sites will blow your mind!

Best Cam Site on the Internet

Among all of the cam sites on the internet, only one of them has everything to please a man or even a woman. In fact, this site even has all it takes to please the gay community. is the best cam site on the internet and if you haven’t tried it yet, quick reading this article and get over there right now! has a chat roulette feature that is much better than any other site’s roulette feature. This site has the fastest servers making your webcam load much faster. You also get to load the webcams of other users much faster as well. With Chatrandom, you also get access to a Girls only section where you get to chat with only girls; the same is available for gay users. You can even get access to a group video chat feature.

This is without a doubt the most versatile cam site on the web.

Best Way to Find the Best Live Cam Sites


Sometimes it’s better to have an excellent way to find several live cam sites rather than knowing about just one great site. I want to share my best method for finding cam sites with all of you; Although this website is relatively new to the World Wide Web, it has all of the information you could ever need.

TopCamSites is a directory for all of the best cam sites on the internet. Each and every site on TopCamSites is categorized; you get to choose a cam site from within a precise category. For instance; you can search for sites within the Fetish category, the BBW category, the Amateur Cams category, the MILF category and many more. This makes it incredibly simple for you to find the exact type of cam site that you’ve been searching for.

To make things even better, Top Cam Sites brings you full details about each site. You don’t even need to open up a cam site unless you really want to give it a try. You’re provided with pricing details for each site, short descriptions, drawbacks, hot features and even user reviews. This makes it easy for you to quickly decide which site you would prefer using. will blow your mind; I suggest you add this one to your bookmarks just like I have.


We Investigate How Many Males Use Cam Sites Compared to Females

Cam sites are filled with men and women from all over the planet that are looking for a good time. Whether they’re looking for virtual intercourse, friendships or something else, they all seem to have something in common; they’re bored. Cam sites allow you to spend those boring moments without looking at your watch the entire time. You’ll most likely get instantly hooked upon opening a cam site. However, if you’re a man looking for hot girls and half naked chicks, you may have to dig a little deeper.

images (1)

You see, most cam sites have a poor female to male user ratio. In fact, with most sites, there are only roughly 15% female users and all of the others are males. These means that you’ll spend a lot of time clicking the next button before meeting a girl on cam. This number represents the average of all cam sites, but you will certainly find some sites that have more chicks than dudes. For instance, using will ensure that you will only be connected with female users.

Keep in mind that we are looking at mixed cam sites. Site like ChatrouletteGirls that feature only girls are not included in our investigation. Instead, we’re looking at sites like, and even

Among all of the cam sites on the internet, one of the sites we used had a larger ratio of female users than all of the other sites. had roughly 28% of their users that were females which was the highest score we saw during our investigation. So if you’re looking for a random cam experience that ensures you’ll meet amateurs, you might want to consider as your first choice.


You may be wondering how we went about searching for such information. We didn’t Google it and we did put in the effort required to figure out these numbers. We tested 20 of the most popular cam sites on the internet. After opening up each site one by one, we proceeded by clicking on the next button 100 times for each site. For each click, we noted whether we landed on a male’s webcam or a female’s webcam.

For instance, with Chatrandom we spotted 28 females and 72 males during our 100 clicks. This leaves us with the following percentages: 28% female users & 72% male users.

This is obviously not the most precise data available, but it gives you a general idea of how each site is. In the end, we had sites that had 0% female users while others were well in the 20% range. However, when it really comes down to it, the true average for most cam sites is 15% female users which is extremely low.


Most Popular Omegle Sites for Adults Only

Browsing through the various Omegle sites on the internet is always fun. You get to meet tons of strangers in short amounts of time. This makes it a great opportunity for those who are looking for sexual pleasures on the internet in a much more interactive manner. Many Omegle sites for adults only exist which allow you to come in contact with random strangers via webcam. Once you’re connected with a random stranger on Omegle sites for adults only, the rest is up to you; you can choose to have cyber-sex and get as naughty as you wish. Here are the most popular Omegle sites for adults only.

feet_in_bed is one of the addictive Omegle sites for adults only because you get so many features to choose from. Regardless of the type of sexual partner you’re looking for, you’ll find it here. If you’re into gay boys, you find them on Sexchatster; if you’re into lesbians, you’ll find them here and if you want to have group sex, this too can be found at

This Omegle site for adults only will not ban you for nudity and in fact, they encourage you to have virtual sex on cam. Fast servers make it easy for you to browse through random webcams of strangers without any lag, thus creating one of the best interactive sex experiences you’ll ever have online. is another great Omegle site for adults only. Using this site is extremely simple due to the remarkable design layout. You don’t have to pay a single penny to enjoy the features; just open up the website and choose a feature that seems interesting to you. You’ll instantly be connected with thousands of random strangers from all over the globe.

Chatmasher brings you different features such as live cams that are actual models performing for your viewing pleasure. If you wish to only view girls on cam without having to browse through thousands of males on cam, you can choose the cam girls feature. All in all, is one of the best Omegle sites for adults only on the internet.

bbcminiflyerfinal brings you a mix between simplicity and ultimate fun. On this site you’ll be presented with some of the hottest girls in the world of cam sites. Some are performing models, some are complete amateurs and others are porn stars looking for new experiences. has only girls on webcam which makes it the ideal choice for straight men or even lesbians.

You don’t have to pay anything to use this site, but you do have to verify your age in order to make sure that you’re over 18. This process is as simple as entering your email and confirming the link that is sent to you.


The Best Chatroulette Alternatives in 2014

Chatroulette was a huge hit back in the late 2000’s and now that 2014 has just begun, the industry is stronger than ever before. It’s funny when you look back and see how much the random cam industry has evolved over the years. The irony is that the original that started it all is no longer the biggest name in the industry. Most people still associate the random cam industry with Chatroulette, but the alternatives have without a doubt taken over. Here is a list of the best Chatroulette alternatives in 2014.


Omegle has been the number one cam site on the internet for a couple of years now. They have taken over the industry when Chatroulette began placing ridiculous restrictions. For the past couple of years, Omegle has become a household name and for those that are regulars in the cam industry, there’s no doubt that this is the best Chatroulette alternative.

Although it’s been the best for a couple of years, it still gets more users than ever before. Omegle is a not going anywhere and it’s safe to say that they will still be the best Chatroulette alternative in 2014.


ChatRandom is similar to Omegle in the way that it has been around for several years and is now a household name. In fact, ChatRandom is right up there with Omegle; the two of them have replaced the original Chatroulette. Although they are owned and operated by different individuals, they both have different features which doesn’t place them in direct competition with one another. For instance, ChatRandom has girl only cam, gay only cams and even group chats, whereas Omegle lets you find users according to interests.

Since ChatRandom as so much to offer and since this site has an average of over 50,000 users online at any given moment, it’s safe to say that they too will continue to be one of the best chatroulette alternatives in 2014.


Streamberry; have you heard of it? If you haven’t, you should definitely pay a visit. This site has everything it needs to build a true random cam empire. They have combined the best features of the leading cam sites and then they introduced some of their own features. They have chat rooms, girl only cams, gay only cams, group cams and much more. One of the best things about Streamberry is their stream cams where you can stream your webcam live for the world to see or you can even choose to watch other live cams. This feature allows unlimited amount of users to watch a webcam at the same time which makes it the ideal place to try and go viral.

With it’s amazing design layout, the simplicity of use and the features that make it truly addictive, is one of the leading chatroulette alternatives in 2014.


My Favorite Adult Chatroulette Sites

Chatroulette sites are normally made for adults only because of the difficulty in preventing people from getting naked on cam. However, some sites will ban you for nudity or other inappropriate behaviors. I personally enjoy having some adult pleasures on cam with complete strangers. Because I like doing so, I normally use adult chatroulette sites that are made for that specific purpose. Now I know how difficult it can be for you to find adult chatroulette sites that have quality features and tons of online users, which is why I decided to share my personal favorites. Here is a list of my favorite adult chatroulette sites. Enjoy!


Dirtyroulette isn’t my favorite, but it sure does make things simple for me. When I want to take my clothes off on cam, there’s no better place to do so than at This site is the random cam site for naked people. You’ll never get banned for taking off your clothes; in fact, they creators of site encourage you to get naked.

So if you’re looking for a quick fling on cam or even if you want to simply watch nude people, Dirtyroulette should become your number one stop. The design makes it as simple as possible with just a few buttons and one single web page. You instinctively know how to use the site upon opening it up for the first time. is my personal favorite adult chatroulette site. I use it the most because it has the most to offer its users. If you’re looking for cyber sex, this is the best place to find it. The entire site is built around the cyber sex concept and with thousands of users online at all times, you’ll find a cyber sex partner within moments of opening the website.

You have tons of features to choose from which truly enhance the user experience. For instance, you can choose to only search for girls or only search for guys. You can also browse through a bunch of gay users.


Every now and again I feel a little wild and even enter the group chat section. This allows you to have group sex over a webcam connection. Truly a unique feature that is worth discovering.

FunYo is the random cam site that I enjoy using when I’ve been on Sexchatster for too long and want to have fun with something a little different. Don’t get me wrong, FunYo is a great site, I just personally prefer Sexchatster.

FunYo is basically a mix between Chatroulette and Facebook. You get to meet random strangers via webcam and you can also browse through the user profiles like you would on Facebook. This social network-like cam site is truly unique and has a fun twist to it.

The numerous features are addictive and I’m sure you’re going to love using it.