Why celebrities prefer interacting with fans through their webcams  

Celebrities love using webcam sharing websites all the time and connect with their fans from all over the world. However, many people wonder why some celebrities prefer using cam sites rather than meeting up with fans in real life. We decided to investigate and see why that is and why celebrities just love using webcam chat sites so much. Some celebrities use live cam sites on a daily basis, so this really makes them active cam site users.


How celebrities go unnoticed on cam

The wonderful thing about webcam sites is that you can get disguised and be whoever you want. Celebrities love this aspect of the online world because in real life, they can’t walk down the street without getting stopped for an autograph or for questioning. On cam sites, they can simply put a mask on or use different hairstyles to appear unnoticed. If someone starts questioning them about their careers or such, they can simply press on the “next” button and move on to someone new.

Disguises are huge with celebrities on cam because they can let loose and act like normal human beings. They live every single day in a larger than life situation. Their regular environments are fast paced and not normal for non-celebrities. Sometimes, celebrities just need to get away from that crazy lifestyle and be normal every now and again.


Celebrities that don’t dress up

Some celebrities don’t like wearing disguises or pretending to be someone that they are not. Instead, some celebrities enjoy using webcam chat sites for meeting their fans and for connecting with the people that admire them. It’s a great way for them to know what their fans truly think about them and it’s also a wonderful way for them to grow their fan base.


Dozens of celebrities have been spotted use live cam sites to meet their fans and to get honest feedback rather than relying on feedback from magazines. Famous people truly do enjoy connecting with their fans and sometimes they will want to get to know you. In fact, some celebrities only enjoy hanging out with regular people rather than other celebrities. Who knows, maybe the next time you use a cam site, you’ll find a celebrity online and become their best friend.

How to act if you spot a celebrity

If you ever get the chance of meeting a celebrity on cam, don’t overreact. They want to live a normal experience so going overboard will cause them to leave your webcam. However, you should still acknowledge that you know who they are. Remain cool and have the time of your life. Don’t ask too many questions and take things cool.


New Chat Room Site Worth Getting to Know

Instachatrooms.com is a new chat room sites that blends together all of the features people want in one, easy to use site. You can get access to a wide range of features on Instachatrooms.com, and there is high potential to have a fun and enjoyable time meeting with new strangers. Depending on what you want, you can find different chat rooms that will suit your interests, and this leads to a much better experience on Instachatrooms.com


Chat room sites have been looking for ways to give a better experience to users, and one of these ways is to incorporate different aspects of chatting into one single site. This means you can browse the site and find people who are interested in the same things you’re interested in. This means the connections you make with people will be more thoughtful and interesting, and you will be able to have interesting conversations with those you have things in common with. This gives you a much better experience overall, and is one of the main ways Instchatrooms.com has made strides towards improving their services.

Everyone who comes to a chatting website is looking for a different experience. Creating an integrated website design that incorporates different hobbies and interests for users is something that Instachatrooms.com did right, and shows the great deal of strides this industry is making towards better user experience.

On Instachatrooms.com you can find anything from Political Chat to Adult Chat. The opportunities are endless, and the numbers of users on the site is growing almost daily. Instachatrooms offers you:

Chat Lobby

Singles Chat

Dating Chat

Sports Chat

Teen Chat

Adult Chat

Gay Chat

Lesbian Chat

Video Games Chat

Political Chat

Business Chat

Parenting Chat

Music Chat

College Chat

Support Groups

Text Chat

If any one of these sounds intriguing you, you can easily try the chat room out on Instachatrooms.com. It is 100% free to use and there are no hidden fees for using the site. If you want to talk business with an interesting stranger, you’re free to do so. If your child is giving you trouble and you want to get a parents’ expert opinion, all you have to do is click on ‘Parenting Chat’ and get started. You can easily start interacting with someone cam to cam with just the click of a button. The site will directly bring you to the chat room and you will just have to allow access to your webcam and microphone.

Instachatrooms.com is focused on creating a great user experience, and shows great potential in the cam industry. With such a wide range of different options for fun conversations, Instachatrooms.com pairs people up based on what they are interested in and what they would like to talk about. This means the conversation will never run dry and you will never get bored talking to someone. Instachatrooms.com is simple to use and you can easily engage in whatever type of chat you would like. Whether you want to hook up with someone virtually, or have a conversation about a certain subject, Instachatrooms.com has something for everyone.



Doctors Beginning to Use Webcams to Treat Patients Virtually

Technology is constantly evolving, leading to significant changes in our everyday lives. A few years ago, it would have been incredible to think you could have a 3D TV in your living room or a phone that has similar capabilities to a computer, but, with rapid advances in technology it feels like anything is possible these days. These advances have many uses beyond entertainment and one such use currently being explored is that of doctors using webcams to treat patients for a range of ailments, from the common cold to complex chronic diseases.

Telemedicine, the use of telecommunication and information technology to provide clinical health care, isn’t a new concept in society. In fact, telemedicine has been used in a basic form since the early 1900s when people living in remote parts of Australia used two-way radios to communicate with the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia. The idea of telemedicine has evolved since then and with the majority of the population now owning some form of computer and a webcam, doctors are exploring new ways to treat patients.


The latest advance in telemedicine is called the virtual house call. Using a webcam, an internet connection, and some secure software a doctor can examine patients who live hundreds of miles away for simple illnesses. This is a convenient advance for patients living in rural areas where a visit to the doctor can involve a full day’s travel. There is even the ability to download an app on your smartphone and connect to a doctor for a set price per visit. This can save patients both time and money when seeking a diagnosis for a cough or runny nose.

The use of technology in this way is still in its infancy, however, there are calls from patient groups to expand the use of telemedicine for patients with complex chronic diseases. People who suffer from diseases such as Alzheimer’s require regular trips to the doctor for check-ups. This can prove a huge inconvenience for sufferers of the disease who may become disoriented when confronted with a busy public area en route to the doctor’s office or for patients who live in rural areas. Research has suggested that sufferers of Alzheimer’s deal much better with the disease if they regularly visit a specialist, however, more than 40% of Alzheimer’s patients don’t see a specialist with the travel time stated as the main factor.


The idea of a virtual house call is gaining interest from all corners. Insurance companies such as LiveHealth Online and Wellpoint Inc. are now offering versions of telemedicine with provider American Well offering a direct-to-customer service in 44 states. The idea is spreading beyond GPs and chronic specialists, with psychiatrists exploring the benefits of using the technology for follow up counselling. Guidelines issued by the Federation of State Medical Boards outline the benefits of using telemedicine and state it can be held in the same standard as an office visit.

The full list of benefits and drawbacks are yet to be established with this new idea, however, many experts, doctors, and medical professionals are jumping on board. Questions such as how to avoid overprescribing antibiotics and issuing in-person tests before prescribing drugs have been raised with the worry that using this technology could lead to wrong prescriptions. The answer is to fully train doctors in the use of this technology and to ensure each diagnosis is carefully made with requests to come in-office applied to cases with any doubt.

The idea of doctors using a webcam to treat patients virtually is one that has captured the imagination of the medical world and the wheels are already in motion to make this form of telemedicine work. In the next few years it is possible that this system will be implemented, saving time and adding convenience to the lives of patients and doctors alike.


Knowing how to setup your room for a great webcam chat

Setting up your room before a webcam date or even a random cam experience is of utmost importance. The people that watch you on your webcam will decide whether or not they want to chat with you within a matter of seconds. It’s a subconscious decision that is based on what we see. Many people go through many lengths to make themselves look amazing for the webcam, but they completely forget about the backdrop. Taking the time to make your room look awesome before turning on your webcam is extremely important. Here are some tips that will allow you to enhance your background setting and make your room look just as cool as you.

Think about the colors


Do you like the color pink? Is blue what makes you who you are? Choosing a color that suits you and your personality is so important. You need to make the background where you are reflect the person that you are. If you are an outgoing person with an energetic personality, use bright and flashy colors. You need to make a statement by displaying colors that reflect who you are with a single glance.

I’m not saying that you need to paint your entire bedroom Barbie pink, but leave subtle color hints. For instance, if you want green to be the color of your choice, hang a green painting in the background, place a green comforter on your bed or even place a green stuffed animal on your bed. Little additions of color like this will go a long way. It’s what makes the difference between having people stay around for a chat and leaving the second they see you on cam.

Quiet or loud

Most people that appear on webcam chat sites belong to two different categories; quiet or loud. Half of the people on webcams will be so quiet that you can barely hear what they are saying, while the other half of the people will be so loud that you have to turn down your computer’s volume. The quiet people normally have others in the house and they don’t want to be heard, while the loud people are normally outgoing and alone in their home.

You have to choose what you want to be before appearing on cam because being quiet or being loud will change the way people think about you when they first see you.

Lights please


This last tip is so important, yet nobody seems to think about it. You need to turn the lights on in your bedroom. If you don’t want your main bedroom light to be blasting at all times, at least use a lamp next to you. If you don’t have adequate lighting in your bedroom, the other users won’t see you or your amazing colourful backdrop. Turn those lights on and enjoy the chatting experience!


Top 4 Reasons Why Video Chat Sites Are Popular

Video chat sites can have thousands of people from all over the world online at any given time. The beauty of these cam sites is that you can continually click ‘next’ and never come across the same person twice. In the last couple of years the popularity of video chat sites has dramatically risen, rivalling the traffic seen on popular social networks. So, why have video chat sites become so popular? Here are the top 4 reasons people use webcam sites:


See Who You’re Chatting To

A major difference between video chat sites and other forms of socializing is the ability to see a live broadcast of the person you are chatting to. This has huge advantages over chatting to someone over social media, where they can easily set up a fake profile or text chat rooms, where they can lie about who they are. Being able to see someone’s face when you chat to them eliminates any doubt about who they are or what they look like. It is also great to be able to see someone’s expression when you tell a joke or tell an interesting story.

Meet Tons of People From All Over the World

The beauty of video chat sites is the possibility of meeting people who live on the other side of the world. Using a webcam chat site allows people from lots of different backgrounds and cultures to communicate, laugh, and become friends. Some video chat sites such as Chatrandom even allow you to select a country and exclusively chat to people who are from there. This can be great if you want to meet an Italian person, are interested in Chinese culture, or simply love the Irish accent.


To Escape Real-Life Problems

Modern life is extremely stressful. You might be under pressure to meet a deadline at work or struggling to concentrate on studying for exams and looking for a way to forget about it for a while. Using a video chat site is a great way to escape and can act as a stress-reliever. The ability to meet so many people with different personalities who soon help you forget about your worries and you have great fun while you’re at it. You can even try to make others laugh by dressing up and joking around.

They’re Free and Simple to Use

The best thing about using video chat sites is that it doesn’t cost a cent. In fact, the majority of cam chat sites don’t even require users to sign up meaning you can enjoy all that entertainment in an instant. The easiest way to find the best video chat sites is to use a directory such as topcamsites.com and find one which meets your needs. Then all you have to do is navigate to the site, allow your webcam for others to see, and click start. When you get bored of the person you’re chatting to simply click next and you’re connected with a new stranger instantly. The simplicity of the process is a huge attraction and is one of the main reasons video chat sites have become so popular.


Webcams Now Serve as a Charitable Purpose

We use our webcams for many purposes; video chatting with family and friends, creating short videos to entertain, random chat sites, but what about using them to aid a charitable cause? That’s exactly what author Ayelet Waldman is doing by combining crowdsourcing with the use of her webcam to raise money for students who can’t afford college fees. This innovative idea illustrates a new way in which we can use our webcam for a charitable purpose.

The use of crowdsourcing has become a hugely popular way to gain donations for all kinds of causes from raising money to produce a play to allowing people to donate money to their favorite causes. This form of raising money produced a light bulb idea from Waldman as she was seeking ways to raise money for college-bound students who were struggling to pay the enormous fees for their education.

téléchargement (1)

The popular author decided to offer her fans an opportunity to participate in a video chat with her live online. However, in order to gain access to the video chat, users must first log onto crowdsourcing website Wizeo and donate money to a student seeking funds for college education. The idea has generated a huge amount of interest from fans of the author who can browse student profiles where their ambitions and goals are listed before selecting a candidate to donate to.

This simple idea demonstrates the power of modern technology, with Waldman’s charity enabling students to receive a greater number of donations to achieve their goals. She has even offered one donor, selected at random, to participate in a one-one-on video chat after the main discussion finishes. The opportunity to have a personal video chat with a hugely popular author will certainly provide motivation for many people to donate.

The creativity of this plan to raise donations has opened up a whole new way that people can use their webcams in order to raise money for charity. Imagine the opportunity to speak on live video chat with your favorite celebrity or athlete and all you needed to do was make a small donation to charity. The plan certainly has potential and I’m sure many charities will take notice of this new way to use technology for raising money.

Using a webcam as part of a scheme to raise money provides a huge amount of flexibility. It can offer an opportunity for fans who may not otherwise get to meet their idol a chance to have a conversation with them. The beauty of a live video chat is that it can also include everyone, whether you live in a rural area or on the other side of the world, there is a chance for anyone to take part.

Raising money for charity is a never-ending struggle with millions of dollars needed each year for a variety of different causes. By using a creative and innovative idea combined with widely available technology such as a webcam, there are endless opportunities and ways to raise money for a great cause.


Know What You’re Getting into before Becoming a Webcam Performer

A hugely popular way of earning extra income is to become a webcam performer on one of the many host sites. Many people are using webcams to broadcast videos of themselves performing sexual acts to a public or private chat room as a part time or full time job. The attraction of this work is the flexibility in choosing you own working hours and the huge pay-packet that many webcam performers receive. However, many people are blinded by the huge amounts of cash on offer and jump straight into performing without considering their personal security first.


Upon becoming a webcam performer, it is instantly recognizable that the best way to make money is through private one-on-one shows. This is where a customer pays extra to have someone perform privately for them, with the performer generally responding to any specific requests the customer may have. However, recent complaints made to a law firm in Australia have detailed how these intimate private shows have been recorded and are now being sold on porn websites.

The complaints in Australia have been specifically made by gay male performers, although the situation affects all webcam performers. Many of these guys have been using cam sites as a way to earn extra income or to discover their identities and have had no idea they were being recorded. If someone you are talking to on webcam is using a form of capturing software, there is no sign that recording is taking place unless the person that is recording lets you know.


The ability to easily find and use capturing software has made it simple for people to enter cam sites and record everything that the performer does in the video chat. This method has been used to capture video footage of gay men in Australia when they are in private chat which has then been uploaded on a foreign URL and sold as pornography. The men who have been recorded have no idea this happened until they are told by someone or stumble upon the footage themselves.

It is a frightening and distressing experience for young gay men to discover this has happened as the majority will have no idea of the possible dangers when performing on webcam. There is also the embarrassment of the possibility of their friends and family finding the footage, with many of the targeted victims being young men who are yet to come out to their nearest and dearest. It leaves many in a state of panic as to what they can do to remove the footage.


Unfortunately, for many people who encounter this problem the process of having it removed completely from the internet is a long and drawn-out one, with the number of cases where there is no footprint left very small. Once a video has been uploaded, it can be shared many times and reposted on many different sites making it almost impossible to fully remove from the internet.

Before deciding to become a webcam performer it is essential to know and understand what you are getting into. There is no way to stop people from recording you and placing that footage on a porn site, leading to intimate footage of you in the public domain. Of course, only a very small percentage of webcam performers will encounter this kind of problem, but, by knowing what you are getting into you will be better equipped to deal with the situation if it arises.


Should You Dress Comfy or Dress Sexy When Using Cam Sites?

If you want to become a successful webcam model, it is essential to be able to attract potential customers and standing out from the crowd can help fill your cam room and bring in plenty of money. Catching a potential customer’s eye by wearing the right outfit can make a huge difference to the number of people viewing you cam and choosing between dressing comfy or dressing sexy is an important choice to make.


The outfit you wear when appearing on cam adds to the first impression people create about you. Customers want to see you wear a variety of outfits all the time because it makes the experience more exciting and can create a great talking point. Think about the outfits you already have in your wardrobe and how your boyfriend may react to them.

Dressing comfy can be hugely appealing to customers. Wearing comfy clothes such as shorts and a tank top, panties and knee high socks, a baggy t-shirt and panties or loose fitting clothes can allow room to tease and play. The majority of men think that skimpy outfits worn around the house to relax in are incredibly sexy and they can be a huge turn-on.


The benefits of wearing these types of comfy outfits mean that you may feel more relaxed when chatting to customers rather than having to constantly shuffle and move around to be comfortable as when wearing tighter fitting clothes. The ability to tease with loose fitting clothes by pulling them tight around your body or sneakily revealing skin will drive your customers wild.

Of course, dressing sexy when on cam will also attract many viewers. It is important to remember that the clothes you wear should entice customers and not reveal everything straight away. You want your outfit to keep them guessing and make them work towards the reveal. Choosing a sexy outfit which compliments and accentuates your best features is key.


Think about what men find sexy and use that as a base when choosing a sexy outfit. Wearing clothes made of material such as silk or latex can really work in attracting viewers when on cam. It is a good idea to have a variety of sexy outfits and try a few on before going online to see which suits you best for that day. Use the webcam to see how it responds to the outfit’s colors and how the lighting works with it.

When choosing an outfit for a cam show think about how you wish to present yourself. If you are in a playful mood and feel like teasing then maybe a comfy outfit will help you achieve the maximum effect. If, however, you feel like seducing customers than a tight and sexy outfit may be the way to go. It is certainly a good idea to prepare a number of outfits so you have the option of changing after a private show or if you feel the outfit you are wearing isn’t working for you on that particular day.


The 4 Best Roulette Chat Sites on the Internet

The huge surge in popularity of roulette chat sites has led to hundreds of new websites being launched every year and trying to sift through them to find the best ones is difficult. Many of the chatroulette alternatives out there have very few users online at any given time and are just full of fake cams. It can be massively time consuming and frustrating when trying to find a good roulette chat site and all that searching wastes valuable chat time! So, to save you searching and get you chatting here are the 4 best roulette sites on the internet:


Chatrandom simply has to be included in a list of the best roulette chat sites due to the huge number of users online at any given time and the fantastic features on offer. User numbers rarely drop below 60,000, offering the opportunity to meet tons of new people without bumping into the person you skipped again.

Beyond the huge number of users, Chatrandom provides features such as an extremely fast connection, the ability to enlarge the video screen, country selection, and multiple chat rooms which make it one of the simplest sites to use. They also listen to their users and are constantly coming up with innovative features which set the standard for the industry.

When using the site there is no signup required, simply allow your webcam to be broadcast when prompted, hit start and away you go!


Omegle has been around since the very beginning and has managed to maintain its popularity throughout the years. The sites look remains the same as it did when it was launched back in 2008 and it is this consistency which has kept its users coming back again and again. Although the look of the site has remained the same they have added a range of new features to keep their 10,000 users coming back daily.

They have two video chat sections – one which is monitored and one which is unmonitored. The moderated video chat has taken a lot of the fun away from the original service but still remains quite busy with lots of users online at any given time. The unmonitored roulette section was added due to the backlash from users but is generally packed with guys and it is extremely difficult to find girls.

Omegle also has some cool features such as google translate, finding people with common interests and the ability to take screenshots.


Dirtyroulette makes the list due to the lack of rules and restrictions placed on users. It is the perfect place to go if you want to get naked on cam and have some fun with the thousands of other users who frequent the site. The site is a brilliant idea because it is designed specifically for users who want to get naked so you know you’ll find like-minded people here.

The design of the site is easy to use and with no signup required it takes no time at all to jump straight into the action! Although there are other roulette sites which allow nudity, this is easily the best site which is specifically designed to cater for users looking for online sex.


Another site which caters to specific people is GayPage, the most popular gay roulette site on the web. The roulette site has in excess of 10,000 men online at all times meaning there is never an issue finding someone who takes your fancy. Beyond the huge number of users this chat site has a host of great features.

The site loads incredibly fast and options such as maximizing the screen makes using the site a pleasure. When you enter the site simply press start and you will be connected with a random guy, no signup or timewasting! Although there are many gay sections on roulette sites, this one is designed for gay people only and as such has the most users by far.



TopChats: A New Video Chat Site Directory worth Checking Out

There are plenty of video chat directories around, all essentially offering the same thing; listing of sites with a rating and small review. However, TopChats is a new video chat site directory which offers something different. The site is run like a community, with users having the ability to rate and comment on the sites listed to ensure the information is continually up-to-date. On top of this, users can add their favorite chat site to the list, keeping the directory full of great video chat sites. Here is a brief rundown of what TopChats offers and why it is certainly a site worth checking out:

Video Chat Listings

The main directory on TopChats is the video chat websites. Each site is listed with a ‘star’ rating out of 5, which has been determined solely by the users of the site. If one of the sites listed catches your eye, simply click on the site logo to be taken to the review page where you can find a general review of the site, submit a star rating, comment on your experience, and click a link to be taken directly to the site. You can also share the page via social media to let your friends know about the site and to share any comments you’ve made about the site. It is really helpful to have a browse through the comments section and see what experiences other people have had on the site and to help you make a decision about which site to choose.

Sex Chats Listings

It can be so difficult trying to find sex and adult cam sites which don’t empty your pocket. Many of these sites claim to be free but actually ask for credit card details and charge after a certain amount of time. Here, the sex chats listings has been compiled to give users a 100% free sex chat experience. Each site listed is totally free to use and has been individually checked before being listed. This is a great way to find excellent sites to chat with girls on.


One of the best features of TopChats is the sense of community. Having the ability to share your experiences with other users and submit a rating for each site ensures you will always know what the best video chat site is. A lot of video chat sites go through peak periods, where they will be very busy for a certain amount of time and then lag in people for a while. Using TopChats can help you keep up-to-date with what site is the best at any given moment. If you don’t see your favorite chat site listed, simply use the ‘Add Webchat’ button to submit a site and get it listed.


TopChats is still in its early stages, but has the potential to be one of the best video chat directories around. There are already tons of comments and votes placed by the community, helping users find the best and most popular chat sites. If you are having trouble finding the perfect chat site or if you want to know what the best site of the moment is, head over to TopChats and check it out.