How to Get Hot Girls to fall in Love with You Online

The internet is an amazing place to find tons of hot girls from all over the world. When you go online you are presented with a chance to meet thousands of people in a short space of time, many more than in your everyday life outside. The huge amount of people online makes it easier to meet the girl of your dreams and having the ability to keep her interested in you is hugely important. If you manage to maintain her interest, she will end up falling in love with you. Using video chat sites, online dating sites, and social media networks are great ways to find hot girls and by following these tips you will be well prepared when that hot girl pops up on your screen.


The scouts use the motto ‘Be Prepared’ and for good reason. If you go online trying to find hot girls without any preparation you are doomed to fail. Think about how you are going to attract these girls – Will you create a funny profile? Will you have one-liners ready to use? Will you dress up on camera? All these things must be taken into consideration to ensure you aren’t caught cold and miss the opportunity with a hit girl.

If you are using your webcam, make sure you are well presented. Dress properly, groom your hair, and shave off your stubble. It is also worth checking your webcam settings before going ‘live’ and making sure the lighting is right along with the contrast so your face can be seen clearly. If you are well prepared you will be more confident when coming across that dream girl.

First Impression

A first impression lasts a lifetime and there’s no point in being prepared if you give off a bad first impression. If setting up a profile, use a charming photo of yourself which doesn’t contain nudity or anything offensive. Don’t post pictures of yourself when drunk or doing any illegal activity. A picture with good lighting that shows your features clearly is usually the best option.

Think about creative ways to attract the attention of girls if using a webcam – wear a costume, draw something, cook, sing, or play an instrument. All these things will help you stand out from the crowd and gain the attention of any hot girls who are passing by. Doing something creative will spark the interest of girls who may stop to ask you a question or let you know they share a similar interest. From here you can build a foundation and start a conversation.


So, now you have made a good impression and attracted a girl to stay and chat with you, the next step is keeping the conversation flowing. Use your personality to make her laugh and keep the awkward silences to a minimum. Don’t be too eager to ask for nudity or to offend her in any way. Try and ask her about her interests and discuss things she is interested in.

If you remain a gentleman and charm her throughout the conversation, she will begin to fall in love with you. Let her dictate how quickly she wants to meet up or show her body and don’t be too pushy. If you remain patient and keep a good conversation flow, you can have the hottest girls’ online fall in love with you!



6 Different Types of Video Chat Online

Video chat online is constantly evolving and producing new niches and ways to enjoy communicating via a webcam. The fact that most people have easy access to a webcam has exploded the number of users on video chat sites, which in turn has encouraged new and innovative ways to enhance the video chat experience. Here are six different types of video chat which are enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people every day:

Roulette Chat

Roulette chat is by far the most popular way to enjoy video chat. The idea is so simple, yet so exciting and fun that it has become one of the biggest ways to communicate in a few short years. All that’s needed is a webcam, computer, and internet connection to enjoy roulette chat. Simple navigate to a roulette chat site (popular ones such as Chatrandom are the best), allow access to your webcam, and click start to get matched with a random stranger. If you don’t like the person you’re chatting with simply click ‘next’ and you are instantly connected with someone new.

Live Cams

Live cams present the ideal way to have an intimate one-on-one conversation with a stranger. The majority of live cam sites provide a niche to users such as ChatRad for clean chat, ChatXGirls for chat with models only, and Chaturbate for adult chat. Live cams are great for users to know they will be connected with people who are seeking the exact same experience as them. The simplicity of using these sites makes the experience all that more enjoyable with millions of connections made every day.

Video Chat Rooms

Video chat rooms have taken text chat rooms and added webcam capabilities. Text chat rooms are what began the evolution of connecting randomly with strangers, but video chat rooms take one step further. On a site such as ChatMasher, users can enter a chat room which is centered on a certain topic such as teens, adult, single, gay etc. They then enter a chat room of their choice and can chat with all the users in that room. However, all users also have their webcam activated and clicking on someone’s username will activate their webcam feed onto your computer screen. Some sites even let users watch up to four webcam streams at once.

Cam Girls

Cam girls are hugely popular as they eliminate any doubt about what the other person is looking for. There are tons of cam girl sites available, some which are completely free such as MyFreeCams. The idea of cam girl sites is that you can sit back and watch the girl perform on cam or you can turn on your webcam and have a private show with her. This form of interaction is a much more realistic and exciting experience than simply watching an adult video and gains hundreds of thousands of users daily.

Gay Chat

Using a regular video chat site can be difficult for gay guys or lesbians, with it being hard to find someone else of the same sexual orientation. However, gay chat sites such as GayPage are dedicated to connecting gay people only. This means that there is no scrolling through hundreds of people before finding someone else who is gay. These sites offer a comfortable environment in which to meet other gay people with the same features as any other video chat site.

Group Chat

Sometimes talking to someone one-on-one can mean a lag in the conversation or a lack of excitement. However, some video chat sites such as aFreeChat now offer users the ability to embark on group chat. Group chat connects up to four people who can all see each other’s webcam feeds at the same time. This is an exciting way to video chat online and connect with many people at once.


Top 3 Things to Avoid While Chatting with Strangers

Chatting to a stranger can be a great way to learn new things, hear different opinions, and make new friends. However, finding a topic of conversation when first engaging a stranger can be difficult. You don’t want to offend the person you are chatting with or they may decide to leave the conversation, but at the same time you don’t want to be boring and talk about topics that aren’t interesting or are just plain mundane.

Some of us are lucky enough to naturally have great social skills and sense what course a good conversation with a stranger should take. For others, it’s a little bit more difficult and being careful to avoid certain topics can help the conversation flow smoother. When chatting to a stranger for the first time keep in mind these top 3 things to avoid while chatting with strangers:

Personal Details

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Avoiding any chat about personal details is important for your own safety as much as anything else. When chatting with strangers steer away from conversation that might reveal any personal details such as your phone number, address, financial information, real name (if you’re using a nickname), e-mail address etc. Disclosing this kind of information to a stranger can hand that person the ability to steal your identity, stalk you, or even worse. This doesn’t mean you can’t talk about personal interests or hobbies, but try and remain safety conscious until you know the person you are chatting to better. If a stranger is digging for your personal information, the chances are they are seeking that information only and aren’t looking for genuine conversation or friendship.



Religion and God can be very sensitive topics for some people and discussing them, even in a light-hearted manner can very easily lead to an argument. Regardless of what your own personal beliefs are it is always best practice to not denigrate any other religion, even if the stranger you are chatting to is doing so themselves. Should the conversation steer in the direction of religion, try to casually change the topic and discuss something else. For many people, religion is an extremely personal and often sensitive topic. Making an off-cuff remark, even if made in a humorous way, can very quickly lead to offense.

Age and Appearance


When you are chatting to a stranger for the first time it is often best not to ask for their age straight away as this can be a sensitive subject for some people. The same goes with a person’s appearance, although you might feel like you are giving them a compliment they might see it as you highlighting a flaw and become withdrawn and sensitive. Of course, if done correctly you can use comments about age and appearance as a flirting technique, but, it can be quite risky. The safest way to ensure a smooth conversation is by avoiding any chat relating to age and appearance until you know the person a little better and then bringing up the subject in a light-hearted manner.


Why Most People Use Video Chat Sites with Their Friends

The rapid rise of video chat sites has led to thousands of people hooking up their webcams and connecting with strangers from all over the world. Along with the rise in users has come a variety of different ways people connect with one another from dancing on cam to cooking on cam. A growing trend is for people to use these sites with their friends. When connecting with people on video chat sites, it is becoming increasingly common to stumble upon a group of friends peering into their webcam and sharing the experience. So, why do most people use video chat sites with their friends?

You Feel More at Ease

Using a video chat site with your friends can be a lot more comfortable than using it alone. When you have your friends with you, it is natural to feel more relaxed and at ease. Having someone you know and trust beside you when chatting to a stranger can help make chatting a much better experience. There is less chance of awkward silences and boredom between finding people to chat with. Having a friend on webcam with you can also increase the chances of someone staying to chat as they will be curious about your friendship and have more people to chat with.

It’s More Fun

It’s way more fun to have your friends with you than going on webcam alone. Being in a group of people eliminates any nervousness that might be felt if using a video chat site alone and is a great way to chat if you are shy. When you have a friend beside you it becomes a lot easier to laugh at silly things and generally have a lot more fun. People will see that you and your friends are enjoying themselves and stay to join in the fun. All of this can enhance the video chat experience enormously and provide loads of laughs.

It Beats Watching TV

When you have a group of friends around and you’re all sitting down watching TV, it can be quite boring. Using a video chat site together provides a different and exciting activity to do together. It is way more fun to turn on your webcam and get chatting to strangers than to sit around doing nothing. Using a video chat site with friends is becoming a popular way to enjoy time together and offers something better than other mundane games or watching TV. Some groups of friends even use video chat sites to play games such as who can keep a stranger chatting the longest or trying to find a stranger from a certain country.

Make People Laugh

It is much easier to make people laugh when you have a group of friends with you than it is when you’re alone. Everyone loves spreading joy and making other people laugh and by using a video chat site with friends the chances of getting laughs are greatly increased. If you saw a person dancing on cam by themselves it might be quite funny, however, if you saw a group of friends dancing on cam it becomes much funnier. Going on video chat sites with your friends provides an opportunity to act silly together and get some laughs out of it.



The Best Conversation Starting Phrases for Chat Rooms

Trying to start a conversation with a stranger in a chat room can be quite difficult. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start and asking the usual ‘asl?’ or ‘How are you?’ is sure to get you ignored. Coming up with a unique and interesting conversation starter can put you on the front foot from the start and open up an easy-going and casual chat with someone. The great thing about using chat rooms is that it takes away the nervousness some people might feel when chatting face-to-face and allows you to be bolder in your conversation starters. So, if you’re struggling to start a conversation in a chat room here are the best conversation starting phrases to use:


A great way to start a conversation is to ask a question relating to certain topic instead of just saying ‘Hi’. This will encourage people to respond and you are more likely to become involved in a conversation. Here are some examples:

  • Hi, I’m just listening to (insert song). Have you heard of it?
  • I’m watching (insert movie) for the hundredth time! Do you like (insert movie)?
  • Have you ever won the jackpot on a slot machine?
  • What’s the first thing you notice about a guy/girl?
  • Thank god summer is nearly here! What’s your favorite season?
  • I’m about to have steak and chips for dinner. What’s your favorite food?
  • What’s the first thing that pops into your head when I say _____?
  • If you became a ghost, who would you haunt?
  • That’s a cool name. What does it mean?
  • What would you do as a perfect first date?
  • My cat is so funny! Are you a cat or dog person?
  • What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?
  • What are you thinking right now?
  • Would you eat an insect for a thousand dollars?
  • If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

Using a general topic to ask a question can be a great way to start a conversation. It will put the other person at ease and eliminate any initial awkwardness. Asking someone a question in a chat room will get a positive response the majority of the time.

Conversation Starters When Chatting to a Guy/Girl

As well as using general topics and questions to start a conversation, you can use gender specific conversation starters which work best for either guys or girls. Here are some you can use if you’re trying to start a conversation with a guy:

  • What’s your favorite sport?
  • Do you play any sports?
  • Do you like to work out?
  • Did you see that game last night?
  • What do you look for in a girl?

Here are some that can be used when starting a conversation with a girl:

  • What’s the name of your favorite star?
  • What did you dress up as for Halloween last year?
  • Where’s your ideal vacation location?
  • Where’s your favorite place to go shopping?

By asking specific questions at the beginning of a conversation you are more likely to establish what interests the person has and be able to move the conversation in that direction much easier.


A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Online Dating

Even if you haven’t tried online dating before, it’s impossible to ignore its existence. Online dating is dramatically growing year on year and shows no signs of slowing down. Although online dating was originally thought to be for the extremely lonely or weirdoes, it has gained acceptance in our society and now caters to people from all walks of life. In fact, it has become so popular there are some very niche online dating sites to cater for anybody’s tastes. So, how much do you know about online dating? Here are a few facts that most people don’t know about the world of online dating:


The Concept Isn’t New

Using personal ads to find a soul mate and fall in love isn’t a new concept. In fact, online dating is essentially a twist on an idea that’s been around for centuries. As early as the 18th Century, men who were looking for love would advertise their credentials in a local newspaper to find a soul mate. There were even agencies back then that would provide professional love matches for a fee (sound familiar?!).

Online Dating is Over 50 Years Old

The idea for modern online dating was found at New York’s World Fair in 1964. The fair featured a giant computer that matched people up with pen pals from all over the world. People would fill out a questionnaire with information about themselves and instantly become matched with a like-minded person. This idea was then applied to people who wanted to find a match closer to home and online dating was born.

One Third of Marriages Start Online

The popularity of online dating has risen to such an extent that over one-third of marriages in the US last year began online. The figures have been steadily increasing over the last decade and it’s predicted that in the near future more people will meet online than any other way. Of these marriages, almost 50% met on an online dating site while the rest met through social media, chat rooms, online forums, and random webcam sites.

Online Relationships Have the Highest Success Rate

Recent studies have shown that people who meet online enjoy a longer and happier relationship than those who met offline. There are a couple of factors which are said to be responsible for this. First, online dating offers a much wider range of people than the average person would meet in their day to day life giving a higher chance of meeting a soul mate. Secondly, the ability to search people by interests, eye color, height, location etc. allows people to teak their potential matches and find someone who shares their views and beliefs.

There’s Online Dating Sites for Ghosts and Pets

No, that’s not a typing error! The online dating scene has found many niches and these are two of the strangest. offers to match male and female ghosts for ‘eternity’ with profiles, singles chat, and advanced search options! Another strange online dating site is, which offers to connect your pet with other pets in the area.



Ever Considered Placing a Spy Cam in Your Chimney?

Today, we see hugely innovative ways of using webcams. The low price and small size of webcams allow them to be placed discreetly in many different places. Most of us would have watched a live webcam stream of a famous street or the view from a famous monument. Wildlife enthusiasts try to encourage us to learn more about the animal world by placing webcams in safari parks or in bird’s nests. The more creative of us may even use out webcams to make a stop motion film to amuse our friends and the world or setup a home security system which costs a fraction of a professional instalment.


However, one savvy person has used the small size of his spy cam to have a peek inside his chimney. As most chimney owners will know, every now and then you will hear the chirping of birds coming from within the sooty structure. Birds love to nest in chimneys as they provide a safe and warm location in which they can build a nest and raise their young without fear of attack from larger birds or predators. Upon hearing the chirping from within the chimney, the majority of us will assume its birds building a nest and ignore it, but not one gentleman whose curiosity got the better of him.

Mr. Kubat had heard the sound of birds from within his chimney and became worried that perhaps one had become trapped in the soot and couldn’t escape. He decided to take a look and used his flashlight to take a photo of inside the chimney to see what was going on. To his surprise and joy, he saw a semi-circle shape sticking out from the side of the chimney which the picture revealed to be a nest made out of sticks and bits of moss. The noise had obviously been created by the new parents creating a home for their young.


The nest was about ¾ of the way up the chimney, making it impossible to see down into it and have a peek at the newly hatched young. So, after some consideration and gaining inspiration from the creative use of spy cams he decided to create a spy pole and take a look. He attached a small webcam to a long stick and carefully maneuvered it up the chimney, ensuring he didn’t disturb the nest. Once the spy stick had made it past the nest he could clearly see a tiny new-born swift in the nest. He captured some great images of the tiny bird, which ended up going viral on the internet due to their quality and rarity.

The story of Mr. Kubat is just another in a long list of stories about people getting creative with their webcams. With webcams carrying an affordable price tag and many already equipped on computers and smartphones, more and more people are seeking innovative ways to use the technology. Why not create your own spy cam and have a look up your chimney as you’ll never know what you might find!



Which Languages are Used the Most Often on Cam Sites

Cam sites attract thousands of users every day from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. Take Chatrandom for example, they boast over a quarter of million users every day from all four corners of the globe. Log on to Chatrandom and you’ll find people from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, Australia, China, India, and beyond. In this mix of cultures you’re bound to come across a host of different languages being spoken.

The beauty of cam sites is that even if you don’t speak the same language as someone it’s still possible to communicate visually. However, it’s worth knowing which languages you might come across when browsing other people’s webcams on cam sites. We’ve listed the 5 most commonly spoken languages on cam sites to help. You could learn a few phrases of these language in case you come across someone who uses it.

1.       English


English is a universal language and even if people don’t speak it natively, they will generally be able to hold a conversation using it. The majority of users on cam sites are from English speaking countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia so it makes sense that English is the language heard most often when using them. If you are trying to learn or improve your English, cam sites are certainly a great place to go as you are bound to find many users who speak it.

2.       Spanish


The second most common language used on cam sites is Spanish. Many people from the southern states of America, Brazil, and of course Spain use cam sites and have Spanish as their first language. Having the ability to speak Spanish can be a huge benefit if you want to communicate with people from these places, even though the majority will have some level of English.

3.       French

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Although not as common as English and Spanish, it isn’t unusual to find people speaking French on cam sites. Users from Canada, France, and parts of Africa use French as their first language and go on cam sites frequently. It is certainly worth picking up a couple of phrases in French as a conversation starter with people from these countries.

4.       German

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It may come as a surprise that German features on this list. However, cam sites are huge in Germany with one in every twelve users from there. If you have used cam sites before it is very likely you would’ve met someone who greeted you with ‘Guten Tag’. German people are extremely friendly and the majority will have a second language although prefer to converse in German.

5.       Italian

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Completing the top five languages that are spoken on cam sites is Italian. A lot of Italian guys tend to use cam sites and the majority will only be able to speak Italian. If you’re using cam sites and on the prowl for an Italian stud, it may be worth learning a couple of phrases as you’re bound to run into some Italian guys!



9 Tips for Better Online Dating

Taking the first step into online dating can be a scary experience, even if you have tried it before it can still be difficult to know what to do to get the most out of the experience. However, if you get it right there is a high chance you can meet someone special using online dating. Statistics show that more and more people are meeting online and dating websites yield some of the highest figures for successful relationships. So if you’re planning to give online dating a try, follow these 9 tips for better online dating and increase your chances of meeting someone special.

1.       Begin With an Open Mind


Everyone has an idea of what their ideal partner looks like, talks like, acts like etc., but it is essential to start with an open mind when online dating. You are going to meet hundreds of people with a huge variety of personalities and it can be easy to become much too fussy because of this. Start with an open mind and get to know people first before you decide they’re not for you.

2.       Fill In Your Profile Wisely


Your profile is essentially your ad. It lets people know what you enjoy doing, who your ideal partner is, what your perfect first date involves, and many other details about yourself. Taking the time to fill it in wisely is parallel to the success you’ll have. A well thought-out profile is sure to catch the attention of more potential partners than a lazy profile full of clichés.

3.       Choose The Right Pictures


Think carefully when choosing the pictures you’re displaying on your profile. If you select a picture that was taken 5 years ago when you were 30 pounds lighter, your date isn’t going to be very happy when they meet you. Select recent photos which display your personality such as pictures of you smiling while doing something you love. The most genuine pictures are the ones which receive the most genuine interest.

4.       Don’t Reveal Too Much


Remember not to give everything away on your profile. Leave the reader wanting to know more about you and have room for conversation. Be original in your profile and keep the reader intrigued. The same applies to an initial conversation with someone. Leave scope for topics in case the chat begins to run dry.

5.       Don’t Be Afraid To Make First Contact


You know that blonde whose profile you’ve looked at ten times already today? Send them a message and say hi. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by making the first move. If you wait you may have already missed your chance.

6.       Don’t Get Put Off By No Response/Rejection


Sometimes people don’t respond to your messages or they suddenly stop responding. This is just part and parcel of online dating and shouldn’t put you off. Every single person you message isn’t going to like you in the same way that you won’t like every single person who messages you. The best thing to do is dust yourself down, learn from it, and don’t let it affect your confidence.

7.       Have Patience


The perfect person isn’t going to appear overnight. Online dating, in the same way as any form of dating, takes time and patience. The chances are you will have to weed through loads of boring, uninteresting, and terrible profiles before you stumble upon one which has potential. When you find that profile remember tip #5 and don’t be afraid to make contact.

8.       Don’t Wait Too Long Before Meeting In Person


Some people just end up chatting with people on dating sites for eternity without ever actually meeting up. Although it can be difficult to pluck the courage and ask someone to meet in real life, remember that the idea of online dating is that it can lead to physically meeting someone and ideally you will eventually meet up with the person you’re chatting to.

9.       Enjoy Yourself


Finally, the most important way to get the most out of online dating is to enjoy yourself. Dating is all about enjoyment, meeting new people, and having fun. Online dating can be frustrating at times, but try and remember that it’s meant to be enjoyable.


Creative Ideas for Promoting Your Business Online

As a business owner it is essential to stay one step ahead of the competition and use innovative and creative ideas to attract new and existing customers. You may be aware that your product or service is of superior quality to that of your competitions, however, you need to make sure your target audience is also aware. The internet provides limitless opportunities for free marketing and promotion which, if used correctly, can be extremely effective in driving business through the roof. If you promote your business online effectively, your business will stand out from the crowd and become engraved in the psyche of your target audience. Here are some creative ideas for promoting your business online to get you started:

Run Competitions on Social Media Sites

Social media sites are among the most visited sites on the internet and provide an excellent opportunity to promote your business. If you run fun weekly or monthly contests for customers, you will notice the number of ‘followers’ for your business rise dramatically coupled with the amount of business on the rise. For example, you could run a competition where the person who checks into your place of business the most times receives a prize or you could ask people to takes pictures of themselves using your product or service and reward the best picture with a prize. When giving out the prize be sure to get a picture of the recipient receiving the prize as that is a great form of promotion also.

Demonstration Videos on Video Sites

Video sites are another platform which offers the ability to connect with hundreds of thousands of potential customers. You could use video uploading sites to create a video which demonstrates how to use the product you’re selling or showing an example of the service you’re offering. These can be done as detailed tutorials for new customers or innovative idea that can be useful to established customers. By adding some humor and creativity to your videos, people will be more likely to share them and increase the number of viewers, getting your businesses name out to as many people as possible.

Use Random Video Chat Sites

Random video chat sites have exploded in popularity over the last few years with sites such as Chatrandom receiving over 60,000 users per day. That’s a huge number of people who can potentially become clients. There are a couple of ways to use these random chat sites to promote your business. Firstly, you could create a video that has a connection to your business and use software to display it on the video chat site. If the video is entertaining and memorable, people will seek out your business to find out more.

Another way to use random video chat sites is to sponsor someone who has gained fame from using these sites. Many people go on these sites and then upload the videos to YouTube, gaining internet fame in the process. By offering sponsorship to have your businesses name or product in the picture, you can get advertising to a huge number of people for a very small fee.