Knowing How to Control Your Kid’s Use of Technology

In the 21st century, technology is all over the place. We live through computer screens, television screens, smartphones, tablets; you name it. With so much technology, it has become difficult to keep our children off the screen and active outdoors. Is it still possible to prevent our children from using technology on a daily basis?


While parental controls seem like a useful way to limit the use of technology for our children, they aren’t always as effective as one may think. Parental controls can easily be bypassed these days. Most kids can quickly find a workaround and then share it with all of their friends. While it remains a great idea to add parental controls to your computer and other devices, don’t rely solely on them.

Find interest in your kid’s technology use

Becoming an active parent that finds interest in how your kids use technology is a great way to limit their usage of it. When you see your kid using the computer, walk over to it and ask them what they are doing. Get interested in who they are chatting with online and check the browser history at all times (even though most kids will erase the browser history).

Here’s a quick checklist for parents:

  • Tell your kids about the dangers of chatting with strangers.
  • Explain to your kids why it’s important to never give out personal information online. This includes the home address, the school they go to, their phone number, etc.
  • Encourage your kids to use kid friendly search engines such as KidzSearch.
  • Set strict time limits for technology use.

A well-informed kid is much less likely to provide personal details and end up chatting with strangers. While you don’t want to scare your children, you should definitely share a story or two about online predators and how other kids end up in terrible situations when providing such details.

How technology moguls raise their children

Here are a couple of technology moguls that deal with first-hand with the latest technologies on a daily basis. See how they raise their children regardless of their own technology use.

Jeff Bezos – Amazon Founder

Jeff and his wife have four children and they are very limited to the amount of technology they can use on a daily basis. In fact, Jeff’s oldest son (14 years old) was the last kid in his class to own a smartphone.

Chris Anderson – Founder of GeekDad

Chris has five children, but he keeps constant control on how they use technology. Even as a professional blogger, Chris barely uses technology for himself. He places thorough parental controls on all technological devices that his children use.

Jimmy Wales – Co-Founder of Wikipedia

While all of the other tech moguls listed here limit the use of technology for their children, Jimmy Wales doesn’t. He and his daughter enjoy playing Minecraft together and he encourages her to use technology. He’s even helping her learn how to code websites.


UK Spies Captured Millions of Private Webcam Chat Sessions

We believe that we are living in a completely private world. That private video chat sessions over webcam remain between us and the other party involved. We couldn’t be more wrong. Our privacy is compromised on a daily basis, most of the time by hackers. Hackers can access our webcams and even control our computers from a distance, which ultimately allows them to peak into our private lives. However, sometimes government employees compromise our privacy.

gchq privacy

Optic Nerve

From 2008 to 2012, the British GCHQ was in charge of a secret program called “Optic Nerve”. What this program did was peak into the private lives of millions of people all over the world. The goal of this operation was to create a high-tech face recognition software, which would later be used to facilitate manhunts. So far it seems pretty normal and it actually seems like a great plan. However, things get messy when you realize that the staff behind Optic Nerve captured millions of people in private webcam sessions.

The program was supposed to capture images of people (specifically face) while they were at ease. When they thought nobody was looking (or nobody other than their webcam chat partner). Surprise, surprise, most of the webcam captures were of kinky nature with naked individuals and people having long distance sex.

Millions of private images

The operation ran for four years, but in just a 6 month period during 2008, Optic Nerve gathered of 1.8 million images of Yahoo users. They mentioned that they were surprised to see that many of those captures were of naked people or couples having sex on cam. It seems kind of odd that government spies would find this surprising, since webcams are used for two major purposes; connecting with family members and having sex from a distance.

webcam girl

Although the GCHQ followed basic guidelines such as only capturing one screenshot images of each webcam every 5 minutes, it still remains immoral to peek into the private lives of millions of people. The Optic Nerve operatives were told to only analyze the metadata of each photo rather than actually looking at the images, but we highly doubt that Optic Nerve spies resisted looking at these naughty screen captures.

Where did the images go?

No straight answer was given when asked where these images have gone. We like to believe that the GCHQ destroyed all of these private images once the Optic Nerve program ended in 2012, but then again, nothing is certain. With millions of screen captures taken over a course of a 4-year period, it’s hard to believe that no images were leaked.

Hackers compromise our privacy all the time, but when it’s our very own governments hacking into our private lives, should we start taking action? No resistance or opposition has ever been displayed against such programs because we’re told it’s for a greater good, but should we stand up for our privacy? Do we really want government spies checking out our girlfriends while they’re taking baths or looking at our boyfriends while they’re sleeping in the nude?


Are Random Cam to Cam Chat Sites on Their Way Out?  

Many people have heard of Chatrandom, Chatroulette and Omegle over the past couple of years as they completely changed the way that we meet random strangers online. These sites allow you to randomly chat with strangers over a webcam connection. Although it seems odd when you think about it, these video chat sites have numerous benefits such as being able to build self-confidence and find love. The issue is that we no longer here much about these sites and many people fear that random chat sites may be on their way out.

meet people online

Are the rumours true?

While many people think that cam to cam chat sites are a dying species, it’s not entirely true. Yes, many of these sites are slowly disappearing, but that’s because giants in the industry such as Chatrandom have become leaders. Just like Facebook and Twitter are giants in social media, Chatrandom and Omegle are giants in random cam sites. For that reason, we don’t hear much about new random cam sites.

However, Chatrandom has been experiencing more growth than ever before. Just a couple of years ago, they had an average of roughly 20,000 users online at any given moment. That number climbed to roughly 50,000 last year and is now at around 80,000 users online at all times. With constant growth, there are absolutely no signs of cam sites being a dying species.

New improvements

The key factor that allows these two giants to experience so much growth is their constant need for improvement. These sites have been bringing new features to the mix that keep users coming back for more fun.

video chat dating


Features such as being able to chat with only girls or only guys is one of the great improvements that we have seen over the past couple of years. Another great improvement is the speed. Before, going from one cam to another took about a minute to load; now it takes less than 5 seconds to swap webcams. More speed means you get to meet more people in shorter amounts of time.

What should we expect?

Although it seems as though many of these cam sites are fading away, the big leaders of this industry are constantly getting bigger and better. You should expect to continue hearing from these two sites as they will only continue getting increasingly popular. With over 25 million monthly visitors on Chatrandom and similar numbers for Omegle, there’s absolutely no doubt that these sites will continue on the path that they are on. More features should definitely be on their way and we have even heard from an inside source that these sites will soon be brought to mobile devices.


Sex Cam Sites Experiencing Rapid Growth  

Live sex cam sites have been around for a few years now, but they have always been quite similar. However, over the past 2 years or so, these sites have begun evolving and now, more and more features are being developed. Sex webcam sites are rapidly growing and becoming the new form of porn. With new features, more sites and thousands of more users joining in on the fun every day, it’s truly becoming a worldwide sensation. Lets take a look at some of the cool features that are making this industry what it is.

webcam model sexy

New Ways to Interact

Interacting with the sex cam models is of utmost importance. Previously, users were only able to text chat with the online models. However, now you can actually experience cam to cam chat sessions with the models where they can view your webcam while you view their cam. It’s much more personal and allows you to feel like you’re on an actual date.

Another new cool way to interact with the cam models is by joining them on social media. Many cam models build their very own fan pages where they interact with fans off of the actual live cam site. It’s a place where models can share photos and update followers about their daily activities.

Last but not least, many cam models now create contests to give out their cell phone number to the highest bidder. The winner can essentially text or call the model at any time of their choice. It doesn’t get more personal than that.

Higher Resolution Shows

Webcams used to be grainy and had terrible resolutions, but nowadays, cam sites are displaying most of their shows in HD quality. In fact, some models even use 4K quality webcams to display themselves in true-to-life quality. You can’t even tell that the model is on a screen anymore, if you just focus on the model, you’ll feel like she is right in front of you. It’s truly amazing how realistic it has become.

Live Porn Star Events

Live cam sites have begun introducing a new type of event called live porn star events. These events are essentially pre-determined dates and times when actual porn star celebrities will put on shows. These shows are live and anyone can join in and enjoy the show. If you have ever wanted to have sex with a real porn star, this is your chance. Best of all, these types of events are available almost every single day. Even celebrity porn stars that you see in big time adult films use cam sites to grow their fan base and to make an extra income.

Live cam sites are not slowing down and they are constantly experience massive amounts of growth!


4 Ways to Make Chat Roulette Sites Interesting  

Chat roulette sites are one of the biggest chat trends on the internet in 2015. Meeting strangers from all over the world has become easier than ever. You meet with people in a face-to-face webcam chat environment. It’s quick, simple and loads of fun. However, there are times when you may wonder what to do on cam with the strangers you meet. Getting to know a complete stranger isn’t always the easiest thing to do, so we gathered up 4 really cool things to do while cam chatting with strangers online.


  1. Play some music together

Playing music with the strangers you meet is a great way to spend some time. Whether you already master an instrument or even if you have never played a single note in your entire life, it’s a great way to share some time together. Pick up a guitar, a keyboard or even a flute and start making music with the person you’re chatting with. Have them come on board and sing along or make some noise with you. It’s a wonderful way to bond and really get to know someone.

  1. Enjoy a board game

Playing a board game together is an amazing way to socialize while having fun. You can find tons of online board games that can be played together with ease or you can use a physical board game. If you choose to play with a physical board game, you can roll the dice for the person, move their board game pieces and show them playing cards through the webcam. Although online games are much easier, physical board games really make things interesting and unique.

  1. Watch a TV series

Wasting time together is a wonderful way to bond and chat together. TV series are addictive, so you’ll likely end up watching numerous episodes together without wanted to stop spending time together. Either one of you can turn on the TV and point the webcam at it or you can watch the same show together at the exact same time. Before you know it, you’ll be 10 episodes deep in a TV show frenzy and you’ll be bonding more than ever before.

  1. Have a drinking game

Turn on a radio station or play some tunes on your computer and make a drinking game out of it. Every time a certain word comes up, have a drink. It can be anything you like. The point is to get drunk together and start socializing. Nobody socializes more than drunk people, making this an incredibly fun way to get to know new people. It’s also a great tactic to end things in cyber sex!


Tips on Becoming a Great Cam Model  

Cam models have a very difficult time becoming extremely popular at times due to the massive amount of new models every single week. With some sites have nearly 100,000 registered models, you really need to stand out from the crowd if you want to get a large fan base. We have decided to make things a lot easier for all girls on cam by allowing you to quickly climb the ranks and get a ton fans. With our tips, you will be able to go from average cam model to legendary cam girl in no time.

webcam cam girls sex money tips

Avoid typing to viewers

If you want to be great at cam modeling, you’ll have to use your voice. Regardless of whether you have an accent or don’t like your voice, you’ll need to speak to viewers. In fact, you’ll need to constantly talk with your viewers, not just a few words here and there. Typing to viewers is to be avoided at all costs. The most popular cam girls are always those that entertain their viewers. Part of the reason why people watch cam girls is to get aroused – one of the sexiest things on a girl is her voice; use it.

Don’t do it for the money

Sure, your ultimate goal is to make money – you aren’t just showing off your body for the sake of it. However, don’t let it show. Just have fun with it. Doing it just for the money can often seem like your begging users to pay you and you might even show signs of disappointment when viewers don’t tip for a while. Just have fun no matter how much you make. By doing so, you will make more money in no time by becoming a popular and fun to watch cam girl.

Give precise timeframes

Be very precise as to when you will be back. Whether you’re returning in 3 hours or even two days later, be precise. Give them an exact hour so they can return. You’ll often be surprised to see just how many actually return to your cam show even if it’s days later. This is one of the best ways to build a solid fan base of regular viewers. Remember, regular viewers often tip more and bring plenty of friends along with them.

Build a regular schedule

This is your job – whether it’s full time or part time, it’s still a job. Keep a regular work schedule just like you would with any other job. Your fans will love how you always return during the same hours on the days that you appear on cam. It’s a lot easier for them to fall in love with you and become a regular viewer. Some may even get excited to see you again and wait several hours just to see you on cam.

Buy tons of toys & lingerie

Switch it up often. Just like most people enjoy watching a different porn flick every time, they also like seeing you in different ways every time they return. Get about a dozen different lingerie outfits and a handful of toys to use. This makes it interesting for viewers who don’t always see you wearing the exact same lingerie.


Get Your Heart Rate Taken by NASA Online  

Have you ever wanted to know what your heart rate is, but you didn’t have any way of figuring it out. Are you tired of checking your pulse simply to know how fast your heart is beating? Have you ever wanted NASA to inspect your health?

Well now you can do all that from the comfort of your home.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 7.40.38 PM

With the new webcam software tool called Webcam Pulse Detector, you can check your pulse from your computer screen. It’s easy to do, quick and provides you with surprisingly accurate results. Needless to say, this comes with numerous benefits and can be used for a large amount of reasons.

Created by NASA

Webcam Pulse Detector was actually created by NASA. That’s right, when you use this software to detect your pulse, you’re actually getting your pulse taken by NASA. It’s amazing that you can use such sophisticated technologies from the comfort of your own home and for absolutely free.

Obviously, it’s not going to be exactly perfect at all times and it can in no way substitute a real doctor’s appointment, but it’s definitely a fun little tool that you can use from home.

Uses for Heart Readings

This can definitely be useful for people who tend to have sudden heart rate drops or rises. It can help these people keep track of their heart rate with much more ease.

However, the main use for this fun little tool is athletes or people who want to workout from home. Working out gets your heart rate up, so it’s always fun to monitor your heart rate while working out. If you want to check your heart rate while working out, you can simply place your webcam where you work out and place yourself in front of the webcam whenever you want to take readings.

You’ll have to stay put for the reading, so you can’t constantly keep track of the readings while working out. You will have to physically stop what you’re doing to go take a reading, but it’s still a fun thing to do in between two sets.

Pretty Cool Graphs

When you stay put, the webcam will continuously take your readings. This means that for as long as you stay put, you will have your heart rate taken. This will be displayed in a fun looking graph which resembles those that you see in hospitals. It’s cool because you can see how your heart rate fluctuates even while you’re resting.


Therapists Now Help Patients over Webcam Chat  

Psychological help is needed much more in the 21st century than ever before. With nearly 50% divorce rates, young age depressions and high anxiety rates, almost everyone on the planet seems to require some sort of therapist assistance. Whether it’s for moving forward after the death of a loved one or even if it’s simply to get over fears of being in public places, therapists can do a lot of good.

webcam therapist

However, meeting up with therapists often requires going into the city, which is nearly impossible to do for people with anxiety issues. A solution is on its way; therapists are exploring the world of webcam sessions.

What are therapist webcam sessions?

Webcam sessions with therapists are essentially regular sessions, but rather than being in the same room, you can be countries apart. In the end, it really doesn’t change much as far as the session is concerned because you still get one on one time with a therapist.

There are a few downsides however. For instance, patients need to find a 100% quiet room where they can appear on webcam and where they can be sure that nobody will overhear what is going on. Some patients may not be able to find such secure places to video chat.

The internet connection can also affect the quality of your sessions. Not everyone has lightning fast internet connections, which can cause lag in the webcam chats. This can make it difficult for the therapist to understand what you’re saying.

Other alternatives

Webcam chat may be the newest alternative to regular psychological therapy sessions, but it certainly isn’t the first. Text messaging with therapists has been huge over the course of the past decade. This involves texting with your therapist when you need help or are going through a difficult moment. This is a great alternative because it gives you a sort of 24/7 lifeline. However, you have to pay for every text that you send, which can get costly if you need to have a big conversation.

therapist text message

Phone support is also another alternative which has been introduced a while ago. It involves giving your therapist a phone call when you need them the most. They will normally charge you for an hour of time even if you only talk for 15 minutes.

Great Idea – Will it Work?

Although webcam chat sessions with therapists is a great idea, it may not work as well as you may think. Many other alternatives have seen the light of day and failed miserably. Considering the privacy of the sessions, it’s important for therapists to make sure that nobody else can overhear the conversations or even access the webcam recordings in the future. We will have to wait to see how far this technology goes in the world of psychology.


How to Meet Local Strangers Online  

Meeting strangers on the internet is always fun. It’s very different from meeting strangers in the real world. There are several reasons why meeting strangers online is way more addictive.

meet people online

Some reasons why meeting people online is more fun than in the real world:

  • You get to become someone entirely different – you can even make up your name.
  • You can lie about your age, location and more without anyone ever knowing.
  • It’s a lot easier to appear confident when you are behind a computer screen miles away from the other person.
  • You can try hitting on the opposite sex as often as you like without feeling bad when getting rejected.

There are numerous reasons why meeting strangers online has its perks. However, meeting strangers online isn’t always as easy as it may seem. You’ll need to know about great sites in order to meet fun and interesting people.

Random Chat Sites

There are hundreds of random cam sites that allow you to meet random strangers. Big sites like Chatrandom often have over 50,000 users online at any given moment. This makes it extremely easy for you to meet lots of new people online. Roulette chat sites also allow you to go from one webcam to another with the press of a button. This means you can literally meet hundreds of new people every single hour. If you’re looking for a way to meet a maximum amount of people in a short amount of time, this is something that you will definitely want to try.


Flingster is a huge site that allows you to meet random people online in your local area. Although there are only about 50 American cities listed at the moment, more cities are being added on a regular basis. Nonetheless, all of the popular cities in the USA are listed here. This site allows you to browse personal ads for hooking up with strangers, enter chat rooms with locals and even experience chat roulette with locals. It’s amazing because you get to randomly meet new people online without having to worry about them living half way across the globe.

Chat Rooms

There are some pretty amazing chat room sites online that give you the ability to meet local strangers and people who live far away. Sites like InstaChatRooms allow you to enter hundreds of different chat rooms about a large variety of topics. Support groups are also available in big chat room sites. It’s a great way to meet numerous people simultaneously and join in on group conversations. Although most chat room sites are text-based only, some have video chat capabilities including InstaChatRooms.


Are Webcam Sex Shows Better than the Real Thing?

Webcam sex shows have grown in popularity quite rapidly. They are now bigger than traditional porn sites and many celebrity porn stars are joining in on the live sex cam craze. Many people have actually adopted a lifestyle that includes having sex with girls on webcam more than in real life. This often confuses people who know very little about cam sites because most people believe that there is no way cam sex could ever compare to the real thing. We have decided to investigate in order to find out whether or not cam sex is better than real sex.

images (1)

Cam Sex

When you have sex on webcam with cam girls, you’re essentially paying for sex. This can often end up costing a ton of money in the long run. However, the girls that you are having sex with are pros and they look like models. Most people get to have sex with models that are way out of their league and that they would never be able to have sex with in real life. That’s a huge advantage.


When experiencing cam sex, you also get to control the show. You decide what you want the model to do and even say. You could never get that much control if you were having real sex. To make things even better, many models even become good friends with their viewers and some even hand out their cell phone number. Cam sex definitely has a ton of perks, but is it really better than real sex?

Real Sex

Real sex is said to be the best feeling in the world. You get to touch, smell and feel a real woman. You’re not pleasuring yourself and you aren’t having sex with a computer screen. You get to cuddle afterwards and have a nice talk. You also become the only person of interest to the other person, unlike cam girls that get straight back into the action once you finish the show. Real sex allows you to connect on a much deeper level.


Real sex is the definite winner, but cam sex is pretty darn close. It’s without a doubt, the next best thing. Although you can have sex with much sexier girls when using cam sites, nothing compares to be able to actually feel the other person, touch them and smell them. It’s true when they say that nothing feels better than sex – no form of virtual sex will ever take that away.

Nonetheless, you can still have a blast on cam and it’s the best solution for single people who don’t want to risk sleeping around in real life. There are also no risks of getting diseases or pregnant.