Should You Dress Comfy or Dress Sexy When Using Cam Sites?

If you want to become a successful webcam model, it is essential to be able to attract potential customers and standing out from the crowd can help fill your cam room and bring in plenty of money. Catching a potential customer’s eye by wearing the right outfit can make a huge difference to the number of people viewing you cam and choosing between dressing comfy or dressing sexy is an important choice to make.


The outfit you wear when appearing on cam adds to the first impression people create about you. Customers want to see you wear a variety of outfits all the time because it makes the experience more exciting and can create a great talking point. Think about the outfits you already have in your wardrobe and how your boyfriend may react to them.

Dressing comfy can be hugely appealing to customers. Wearing comfy clothes such as shorts and a tank top, panties and knee high socks, a baggy t-shirt and panties or loose fitting clothes can allow room to tease and play. The majority of men think that skimpy outfits worn around the house to relax in are incredibly sexy and they can be a huge turn-on.


The benefits of wearing these types of comfy outfits mean that you may feel more relaxed when chatting to customers rather than having to constantly shuffle and move around to be comfortable as when wearing tighter fitting clothes. The ability to tease with loose fitting clothes by pulling them tight around your body or sneakily revealing skin will drive your customers wild.

Of course, dressing sexy when on cam will also attract many viewers. It is important to remember that the clothes you wear should entice customers and not reveal everything straight away. You want your outfit to keep them guessing and make them work towards the reveal. Choosing a sexy outfit which compliments and accentuates your best features is key.


Think about what men find sexy and use that as a base when choosing a sexy outfit. Wearing clothes made of material such as silk or latex can really work in attracting viewers when on cam. It is a good idea to have a variety of sexy outfits and try a few on before going online to see which suits you best for that day. Use the webcam to see how it responds to the outfit’s colors and how the lighting works with it.

When choosing an outfit for a cam show think about how you wish to present yourself. If you are in a playful mood and feel like teasing then maybe a comfy outfit will help you achieve the maximum effect. If, however, you feel like seducing customers than a tight and sexy outfit may be the way to go. It is certainly a good idea to prepare a number of outfits so you have the option of changing after a private show or if you feel the outfit you are wearing isn’t working for you on that particular day.


The 4 Best Roulette Chat Sites on the Internet

The huge surge in popularity of roulette chat sites has led to hundreds of new websites being launched every year and trying to sift through them to find the best ones is difficult. Many of the chatroulette alternatives out there have very few users online at any given time and are just full of fake cams. It can be massively time consuming and frustrating when trying to find a good roulette chat site and all that searching wastes valuable chat time! So, to save you searching and get you chatting here are the 4 best roulette sites on the internet:


Chatrandom simply has to be included in a list of the best roulette chat sites due to the huge number of users online at any given time and the fantastic features on offer. User numbers rarely drop below 60,000, offering the opportunity to meet tons of new people without bumping into the person you skipped again.

Beyond the huge number of users, Chatrandom provides features such as an extremely fast connection, the ability to enlarge the video screen, country selection, and multiple chat rooms which make it one of the simplest sites to use. They also listen to their users and are constantly coming up with innovative features which set the standard for the industry.

When using the site there is no signup required, simply allow your webcam to be broadcast when prompted, hit start and away you go!


Omegle has been around since the very beginning and has managed to maintain its popularity throughout the years. The sites look remains the same as it did when it was launched back in 2008 and it is this consistency which has kept its users coming back again and again. Although the look of the site has remained the same they have added a range of new features to keep their 10,000 users coming back daily.

They have two video chat sections – one which is monitored and one which is unmonitored. The moderated video chat has taken a lot of the fun away from the original service but still remains quite busy with lots of users online at any given time. The unmonitored roulette section was added due to the backlash from users but is generally packed with guys and it is extremely difficult to find girls.

Omegle also has some cool features such as google translate, finding people with common interests and the ability to take screenshots.


Dirtyroulette makes the list due to the lack of rules and restrictions placed on users. It is the perfect place to go if you want to get naked on cam and have some fun with the thousands of other users who frequent the site. The site is a brilliant idea because it is designed specifically for users who want to get naked so you know you’ll find like-minded people here.

The design of the site is easy to use and with no signup required it takes no time at all to jump straight into the action! Although there are other roulette sites which allow nudity, this is easily the best site which is specifically designed to cater for users looking for online sex.


Another site which caters to specific people is GayPage, the most popular gay roulette site on the web. The roulette site has in excess of 10,000 men online at all times meaning there is never an issue finding someone who takes your fancy. Beyond the huge number of users this chat site has a host of great features.

The site loads incredibly fast and options such as maximizing the screen makes using the site a pleasure. When you enter the site simply press start and you will be connected with a random guy, no signup or timewasting! Although there are many gay sections on roulette sites, this one is designed for gay people only and as such has the most users by far.



TopChats: A New Video Chat Site Directory worth Checking Out

There are plenty of video chat directories around, all essentially offering the same thing; listing of sites with a rating and small review. However, TopChats is a new video chat site directory which offers something different. The site is run like a community, with users having the ability to rate and comment on the sites listed to ensure the information is continually up-to-date. On top of this, users can add their favorite chat site to the list, keeping the directory full of great video chat sites. Here is a brief rundown of what TopChats offers and why it is certainly a site worth checking out:

Video Chat Listings

The main directory on TopChats is the video chat websites. Each site is listed with a ‘star’ rating out of 5, which has been determined solely by the users of the site. If one of the sites listed catches your eye, simply click on the site logo to be taken to the review page where you can find a general review of the site, submit a star rating, comment on your experience, and click a link to be taken directly to the site. You can also share the page via social media to let your friends know about the site and to share any comments you’ve made about the site. It is really helpful to have a browse through the comments section and see what experiences other people have had on the site and to help you make a decision about which site to choose.

Sex Chats Listings

It can be so difficult trying to find sex and adult cam sites which don’t empty your pocket. Many of these sites claim to be free but actually ask for credit card details and charge after a certain amount of time. Here, the sex chats listings has been compiled to give users a 100% free sex chat experience. Each site listed is totally free to use and has been individually checked before being listed. This is a great way to find excellent sites to chat with girls on.


One of the best features of TopChats is the sense of community. Having the ability to share your experiences with other users and submit a rating for each site ensures you will always know what the best video chat site is. A lot of video chat sites go through peak periods, where they will be very busy for a certain amount of time and then lag in people for a while. Using TopChats can help you keep up-to-date with what site is the best at any given moment. If you don’t see your favorite chat site listed, simply use the ‘Add Webchat’ button to submit a site and get it listed.


TopChats is still in its early stages, but has the potential to be one of the best video chat directories around. There are already tons of comments and votes placed by the community, helping users find the best and most popular chat sites. If you are having trouble finding the perfect chat site or if you want to know what the best site of the moment is, head over to TopChats and check it out.





Is It Possible to Meet Famous People in Chat Rooms?

The growing popularity of chat rooms and random cam sites means it is now easier than ever to go online and meet new people. Chat rooms have a huge diversity of users from all backgrounds and cultures, and you may be surprised at some of the people you stumble across. It is not uncommon for users of chat rooms and random cam sites to happen upon a familiar face while chatting. Yes, I’m talking about celebrities!

Celebrities have become more and more active online as a way to boost their public image and to wile away the time, just like you and me. If you use social media such as Facebook and Twitter (and who doesn’t?!) then you will more than likely be following your favorite celebrities. The rise of social media, especially Twitter, has encouraged celebrities to interact with their fans more and more. It seems normal these days to send a tweet to your favorite celebrity and receive a response. These interactions have encouraged celebrities to use other means to meet their fans.

In the last couple of years chat rooms and random cam sites have been inundated with famous people surprising their fans. Celebrities love following the latest trends or the newest fad and this has meant they’re branching out from Twitter and heading over to the chat sites to see what all the fuss is about. Many celebrities will use chat rooms while they’re on tour or relaxing in their home, giving people a unique opportunity to chat with them in an intimate setting. It provides the ideal situation to ask them that question you’ve been dying to know the answer to and to boast to all your friends.

It’s not just one or two famous faces that frequent chat rooms either, it’s actually becoming normal to happen upon a range of celebrities when chatting online. Regular users include; Paris Hilton, Ashton Kutcher, Robbie Williams, Justin Bieber, One Direction, The Jonas Brothers, Nelly, and many more. The chances are if you think of a famous person right now, that person has used chat sites to meet their fans. The sheer number of celebrities using chat sites significantly reduces the chances of coming across a familiar face too. It is no longer a massive long shot to end up chatting to celebrities in chat rooms and the longer you stay online, the higher chance there is you’ll be meeting a famous face.

Random cam sites are certainly the best platform for meeting celebrities online. When using a webcam to chat, you can be sure that it actually is the celebrity you’re chatting to and not someone who is pretending. Celebrities also prefer random cam sites as they can see who they’re chatting to and they provide a more enjoyable way to interact. If you do meet your favorite celebrity online, don’t panic. Say hi, have a chat with them, and they’ll be more than happy to answer your questions. Remember, they’re online to meet new people too!



Promoting Your Company or Brand Through Chat Sites & Forums

The internet has changed the way people promote their businesses and brands, removing geographical boundaries and allowing local companies to tap into global markets. It has become the most powerful tool for marketing your company and if used correctly can help your brand grow to unprecedented heights. The internet’s ability to allow people to join together in communities online through chat sites and forums can be used to any company’s advantage.

Chat sites and forums can allow both potential and existing customers to interact with you on a more intimate level and discuss the product or service you offer. It can also be used as a great way to solve troubleshooting problems and gain valuable feedback. These platforms allow you to answer questions from customers in a timely manner, which in turn could increase your brand’s profile online and lead to recommendations and new custom.


Let’s have a look at some of the potential benefits of promoting your company or brand through chat sites and forums:

  • Crowd-Sourcing Support

Using an online forum or chat site is a great way to provide support to many people at once. For instance, if a customer has posted a query regarding an item or service your company provides, the chances are many other people will have had that same question too. Posting an answer to the question on a forum allows other users to see the solution without having to contact your company, meaning they won’t have to contact your customer service. Similarly, with chat sites, offering live support to a customer is much easier for the customer than having to contact a customer service department.


  • Customer Research

Another great benefit of using chat sites and forums to promote your business is that it can allow customers to provide feedback and help improve the service you offer. In an open forum or chat room, customers will be happy to share their experience and offer feedback on what can be improved. Some companies pay thousands of dollars to gain this type of information through focus groups, but using these platforms you can gather this valuable information for free.

  • Exposure

People are more likely to use a product or service if they’ve heard of the brand name before, even subconsciously. Maintaining an online presence through chat sites and forums will provide excellent exposure for your company and get the brand name into the public domain. You can think of it as free form of advertising, exposing your company to a huge number of people.


Of course, there are certain pitfalls which need to be avoided when using chat sites and forums for your company:

  • Poor Communication

It is essential that you are articulate and professional at all times when posting on a forum or chat site. You may have an irritating customer or a ridiculous complaint, but bear in mind that anything you say can be seen by the general public and potentially damage your reputation.

  • Negative Comments Won’t Necessarily Harm Your Brand

Don’t be frightened of negative feedback about your product or service. If a customer posts a complaint, take the opportunity to make amends and rebuild the relationship. Being approachable as a business is one of the keys to success.



Are Virtual Clinics Actually a Good Idea?

Virtual clinics have been hailed as a huge leap forward in medical practice. This advancement in telemedicine allows people direct access to a doctor through an app, allowing them to speak face-to-face and receive a diagnosis. The doctor can then prescribe a suitable prescription which can be downloaded onto a patient’s phone and used at the local pharmacy. Virtual clinics are still in the very early stages and have been the subject of some debate, with some people asking are virtual clinics actually a good idea? Below is a list of pros and cons to help you decide.




People who live in rural areas don’t have easy access to the same level of medical care that people who live in cities do. The ability to use telemedicine to chat with a specialized doctor instead of travelling hundreds of miles has the potential to save lives. It also provides a level of convenience to people who lead busy lives. Instead of spending your lunch hour visiting a doctor’s office to follow up on a prescription or diagnosis, patients can simply use the video chat feature to quickly chat with their doctor.


Doctors are likely to charge significantly less for a virtual visit than they are for an in-person visit. Telemedicine can also reduce extra costs such as travel expenses, especially for those who live in rural areas. Using telemedicine can help save patients thousands of dollars in the long run.

Second Opinion

Virtual clinics allow patients to securely send sensitive files and documents straight to the doctor. Therefore if you’re seeking a second opinion about an X-ray or scan, it is easy to email the information straight to the doctor and then chat with them about the results without ever having to visit their office.

Guaranteed Privacy

Telemedicine is subject to strict privacy laws to ensure private documents aren’t leaked. It’s done using the highest level of security available and it’s totally safe and private. There are no worries of potential harm coming to sensitive information.


Electronic Glitches

Unfortunately, technology can experience problems due to bad weather, a power outage, or a disrupted internet connection. These could all complicate any online communication with a doctor and need to be considered before making a telemedicine appointment.

Doctor Resistance

Another issue is that not all doctors will happily embrace the technology. Some doctors might prefer to only see patients in the traditional way, limiting the number of doctors online. Some other doctors may simply have problems sing the technology. However, this issue might be erased over time as doctors begin to see the benefits of using telemedicine.

Incomplete Assessment

Of course, it is always possible that a misdiagnosis could be registered via telemedicine due to non-verbal cues which slip through the cracks. The doctor on the other end doesn’t have the opportunity to touch or feel the patient which could lead to an inadequate assessment.

The pros and cons of telemedicine are plain for all to see. However, with the technology currently in its infancy it seems likely that the cons will be addressed and ironed out, making telemedicine a viable option for many people.



How to Get Hot Girls to fall in Love with You Online

The internet is an amazing place to find tons of hot girls from all over the world. When you go online you are presented with a chance to meet thousands of people in a short space of time, many more than in your everyday life outside. The huge amount of people online makes it easier to meet the girl of your dreams and having the ability to keep her interested in you is hugely important. If you manage to maintain her interest, she will end up falling in love with you. Using video chat sites, online dating sites, and social media networks are great ways to find hot girls and by following these tips you will be well prepared when that hot girl pops up on your screen.


The scouts use the motto ‘Be Prepared’ and for good reason. If you go online trying to find hot girls without any preparation you are doomed to fail. Think about how you are going to attract these girls – Will you create a funny profile? Will you have one-liners ready to use? Will you dress up on camera? All these things must be taken into consideration to ensure you aren’t caught cold and miss the opportunity with a hit girl.

If you are using your webcam, make sure you are well presented. Dress properly, groom your hair, and shave off your stubble. It is also worth checking your webcam settings before going ‘live’ and making sure the lighting is right along with the contrast so your face can be seen clearly. If you are well prepared you will be more confident when coming across that dream girl.

First Impression

A first impression lasts a lifetime and there’s no point in being prepared if you give off a bad first impression. If setting up a profile, use a charming photo of yourself which doesn’t contain nudity or anything offensive. Don’t post pictures of yourself when drunk or doing any illegal activity. A picture with good lighting that shows your features clearly is usually the best option.

Think about creative ways to attract the attention of girls if using a webcam – wear a costume, draw something, cook, sing, or play an instrument. All these things will help you stand out from the crowd and gain the attention of any hot girls who are passing by. Doing something creative will spark the interest of girls who may stop to ask you a question or let you know they share a similar interest. From here you can build a foundation and start a conversation.


So, now you have made a good impression and attracted a girl to stay and chat with you, the next step is keeping the conversation flowing. Use your personality to make her laugh and keep the awkward silences to a minimum. Don’t be too eager to ask for nudity or to offend her in any way. Try and ask her about her interests and discuss things she is interested in.

If you remain a gentleman and charm her throughout the conversation, she will begin to fall in love with you. Let her dictate how quickly she wants to meet up or show her body and don’t be too pushy. If you remain patient and keep a good conversation flow, you can have the hottest girls’ online fall in love with you!



6 Different Types of Video Chat Online

Video chat online is constantly evolving and producing new niches and ways to enjoy communicating via a webcam. The fact that most people have easy access to a webcam has exploded the number of users on video chat sites, which in turn has encouraged new and innovative ways to enhance the video chat experience. Here are six different types of video chat which are enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people every day:

Roulette Chat

Roulette chat is by far the most popular way to enjoy video chat. The idea is so simple, yet so exciting and fun that it has become one of the biggest ways to communicate in a few short years. All that’s needed is a webcam, computer, and internet connection to enjoy roulette chat. Simple navigate to a roulette chat site (popular ones such as Chatrandom are the best), allow access to your webcam, and click start to get matched with a random stranger. If you don’t like the person you’re chatting with simply click ‘next’ and you are instantly connected with someone new.

Live Cams

Live cams present the ideal way to have an intimate one-on-one conversation with a stranger. The majority of live cam sites provide a niche to users such as ChatRad for clean chat, ChatXGirls for chat with models only, and Chaturbate for adult chat. Live cams are great for users to know they will be connected with people who are seeking the exact same experience as them. The simplicity of using these sites makes the experience all that more enjoyable with millions of connections made every day.

Video Chat Rooms

Video chat rooms have taken text chat rooms and added webcam capabilities. Text chat rooms are what began the evolution of connecting randomly with strangers, but video chat rooms take one step further. On a site such as ChatMasher, users can enter a chat room which is centered on a certain topic such as teens, adult, single, gay etc. They then enter a chat room of their choice and can chat with all the users in that room. However, all users also have their webcam activated and clicking on someone’s username will activate their webcam feed onto your computer screen. Some sites even let users watch up to four webcam streams at once.

Cam Girls

Cam girls are hugely popular as they eliminate any doubt about what the other person is looking for. There are tons of cam girl sites available, some which are completely free such as MyFreeCams. The idea of cam girl sites is that you can sit back and watch the girl perform on cam or you can turn on your webcam and have a private show with her. This form of interaction is a much more realistic and exciting experience than simply watching an adult video and gains hundreds of thousands of users daily.

Gay Chat

Using a regular video chat site can be difficult for gay guys or lesbians, with it being hard to find someone else of the same sexual orientation. However, gay chat sites such as GayPage are dedicated to connecting gay people only. This means that there is no scrolling through hundreds of people before finding someone else who is gay. These sites offer a comfortable environment in which to meet other gay people with the same features as any other video chat site.

Group Chat

Sometimes talking to someone one-on-one can mean a lag in the conversation or a lack of excitement. However, some video chat sites such as aFreeChat now offer users the ability to embark on group chat. Group chat connects up to four people who can all see each other’s webcam feeds at the same time. This is an exciting way to video chat online and connect with many people at once.


Top 3 Things to Avoid While Chatting with Strangers

Chatting to a stranger can be a great way to learn new things, hear different opinions, and make new friends. However, finding a topic of conversation when first engaging a stranger can be difficult. You don’t want to offend the person you are chatting with or they may decide to leave the conversation, but at the same time you don’t want to be boring and talk about topics that aren’t interesting or are just plain mundane.

Some of us are lucky enough to naturally have great social skills and sense what course a good conversation with a stranger should take. For others, it’s a little bit more difficult and being careful to avoid certain topics can help the conversation flow smoother. When chatting to a stranger for the first time keep in mind these top 3 things to avoid while chatting with strangers:

Personal Details

images (1)

Avoiding any chat about personal details is important for your own safety as much as anything else. When chatting with strangers steer away from conversation that might reveal any personal details such as your phone number, address, financial information, real name (if you’re using a nickname), e-mail address etc. Disclosing this kind of information to a stranger can hand that person the ability to steal your identity, stalk you, or even worse. This doesn’t mean you can’t talk about personal interests or hobbies, but try and remain safety conscious until you know the person you are chatting to better. If a stranger is digging for your personal information, the chances are they are seeking that information only and aren’t looking for genuine conversation or friendship.



Religion and God can be very sensitive topics for some people and discussing them, even in a light-hearted manner can very easily lead to an argument. Regardless of what your own personal beliefs are it is always best practice to not denigrate any other religion, even if the stranger you are chatting to is doing so themselves. Should the conversation steer in the direction of religion, try to casually change the topic and discuss something else. For many people, religion is an extremely personal and often sensitive topic. Making an off-cuff remark, even if made in a humorous way, can very quickly lead to offense.

Age and Appearance


When you are chatting to a stranger for the first time it is often best not to ask for their age straight away as this can be a sensitive subject for some people. The same goes with a person’s appearance, although you might feel like you are giving them a compliment they might see it as you highlighting a flaw and become withdrawn and sensitive. Of course, if done correctly you can use comments about age and appearance as a flirting technique, but, it can be quite risky. The safest way to ensure a smooth conversation is by avoiding any chat relating to age and appearance until you know the person a little better and then bringing up the subject in a light-hearted manner.


Why Most People Use Video Chat Sites with Their Friends

The rapid rise of video chat sites has led to thousands of people hooking up their webcams and connecting with strangers from all over the world. Along with the rise in users has come a variety of different ways people connect with one another from dancing on cam to cooking on cam. A growing trend is for people to use these sites with their friends. When connecting with people on video chat sites, it is becoming increasingly common to stumble upon a group of friends peering into their webcam and sharing the experience. So, why do most people use video chat sites with their friends?

You Feel More at Ease

Using a video chat site with your friends can be a lot more comfortable than using it alone. When you have your friends with you, it is natural to feel more relaxed and at ease. Having someone you know and trust beside you when chatting to a stranger can help make chatting a much better experience. There is less chance of awkward silences and boredom between finding people to chat with. Having a friend on webcam with you can also increase the chances of someone staying to chat as they will be curious about your friendship and have more people to chat with.

It’s More Fun

It’s way more fun to have your friends with you than going on webcam alone. Being in a group of people eliminates any nervousness that might be felt if using a video chat site alone and is a great way to chat if you are shy. When you have a friend beside you it becomes a lot easier to laugh at silly things and generally have a lot more fun. People will see that you and your friends are enjoying themselves and stay to join in the fun. All of this can enhance the video chat experience enormously and provide loads of laughs.

It Beats Watching TV

When you have a group of friends around and you’re all sitting down watching TV, it can be quite boring. Using a video chat site together provides a different and exciting activity to do together. It is way more fun to turn on your webcam and get chatting to strangers than to sit around doing nothing. Using a video chat site with friends is becoming a popular way to enjoy time together and offers something better than other mundane games or watching TV. Some groups of friends even use video chat sites to play games such as who can keep a stranger chatting the longest or trying to find a stranger from a certain country.

Make People Laugh

It is much easier to make people laugh when you have a group of friends with you than it is when you’re alone. Everyone loves spreading joy and making other people laugh and by using a video chat site with friends the chances of getting laughs are greatly increased. If you saw a person dancing on cam by themselves it might be quite funny, however, if you saw a group of friends dancing on cam it becomes much funnier. Going on video chat sites with your friends provides an opportunity to act silly together and get some laughs out of it.